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Thursday , July 25 2024

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3 Reasons to Prove Negative Marketing is Legal

3-Reasons-to-Prove-Negative-Marketing-is-LegalEvery one of you is aware of marketing. It is anything that the company does to popularize their product. Discount vouchers and seasonal offers are some of the examples of marketing strategies. But have you ever thought of ‘Negative Marketing’….??? Are you aware of it? If you know it, very well, if you don’t, this article will educate you about it.

Let’s learn about the term negative first. What comes to your mind when you hear the term negative? Your first thought must be something evil or something terrible, isn’t it? You consider the contrary as illegitimate. But the fact is, negative is not always bad. If you do a negative thing with the right intentions, it generates positive results. The same is the case with Negative Marketing, it is a marketing strategy that applies negative ideas, or you can say hacks to capture customer’s attention.

Now, you must be thinking isn’t it illegal to use the negative tactics to attract customers? The answer is NO. It is neither wrong nor illegal to apply negative marketing tactics. It is because you are not violating any laws. You are just altering your marketing strategy. Just to clarify this given below are the three negative marketing strategies that will explain why negative marketing is right.

Negative Experience Sharing

One of the best ways to engage your customers is by sharing your experience with them. By doing so, you will establish cordial relations with them. You will be a friendly figure to them rather than just a company. When you share any bad experience with them, they will sympathize with you. This sympathy will earn you viewership and traffic. This way lousy expertise will transform itself into a pleasant experience.

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Create Controversies

Though controversies are not appreciated much but are a perfect way to publicize yourself. It is one of the successful negative marketing strategies. You need to be cautious about just one thing that never involves yourself into religious or political controversies. Keep it light, so that your purpose get fulfilled, and also you don’t hurt people’s emotions. Otherwise, disputes are so far the best way to engage people. It is a typical human tendency to react to the trending controversies.

Title Tilt

As is said, “The book is sold from its cover.” The same applies to online blogs and articles; they attract the reader’s attention with their titles. So a creative title tends to attract readers. Now, the question is how to make the titles attractive? How about giving a negative title to the article? You must be thinking what does that mean..??? Let’s just take an example; we have an article with the title “The world’s most beautiful city. Now, let’s just tilt the title and make it “The only city which is not on the list of Ugly cities.” The second title will be more read than the first one. These are the effects of the negative claim.

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The Bottom Line

This article will help you understand that negative is not always wrong. If you do a negative thing is in the right manner, it will help you grow insanely. So try out these negative marketing hacks and increase your website traffic and build your customer base.

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