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Monday , June 24 2024

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Creating Eye-Candy Social Media Graphics

Creating-Eye-Candy-Social-Media-Graphics“The book is sold by its cover.” Likewise, we read content because of compelling graphics. Eye-candy graphics accompanied by excellent content is all in one combo pack for social media campaigns. Such combo packages attract viewers. The pleasing graphic is an appetite for the eye while creative content is an appetite for the mind. This healthy appetite for eye and brain always bring viewers to your website.

Thus, every time you write content, make sure to create an equally awesome graphic for it. For your benefit, we have created a bucket list of tips to help you create persuasive and compelling graphics.

Story Teller

The graphics you create should narrate your story. A story to which people feel a secure connection. The image must convey the message of the social media post. It should have an interesting concept behind it. The story can be humorous, sensitive, motivational, or emotional as far as it is fetching viewer’s interest it is great. Always try to create an image that portrays your business story. This image will help you get into the spotlight of social media.

Touch the Right Nerve

For reaching your target audience, there is only one sure-fire way, and that is to touch the right nerve. In simple words give them things that they require. Learn about your audience desire and deliver them the right product as per their needs. The image you create should be such that it directly hits the target audience. To do so, create a customized image depending on individual preferences. It will increase the count of your social media fans.

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Show them the benefits

The image of your deliverable must always highlight the benefits and not its qualities. People would like to know how the product is beneficial to them. They are not interested to see what the differentiator is. So make sure you always mention the benefits of the graphics you create. For example, if your product is a mobile phone, then tell them, it has a powerful battery which will help you get rid of the charger.


Graphics connects business and customers. So each image that you create must talk about your brand and business. It must highlight the business goals and ambitions. It will help in establishing a powerful brand name. This branding will be profitable for your business growth. Also, it will popularize your business on social media.

Photo Editing Tools

To create amazing graphics, photo editing tool is a must. A graphic designer must be familiar with Photoshop for creating unique images. Apart from Photoshop, many online tools are available that will add life to your otherwise dull photos. Picmonkey and Canva are two tools that designers use for creating images. Many tools other than this are available. Use a suitable tool to achieve satisfying results.

Create your own Monalisa

Just like Monalisa is a masterpiece and no painting till date is as good as it is. So try to create an image that is a masterpiece just like Monalisa. This uniqueness of your vision will attract viewer’s attention and increase your social media fan following. It will popularize your business as a creative firm. So try to create your customized graphics with creativity and innovation.

Color Contrast

The image must always have perfect contrast. The colors used should be subtle and must not strain the viewer’s eye. Also, the color of the text and the background be so selected, which makes the text readable. The motive of the image must never hide behind the brightness of the colors. It must always blend with colors. If you are a graphic designer, make it a point to create a colorful and readable graphics.

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Readable Font

The font that you use in your images must be readable. Also, it should match the concept of the image. Example the font used for emphasizing must be bold. It will attract viewer’s attention and fulfills the business motive. So make sure to select the right font for the right content.

One Point at a Time

The motive of the image should be clear. If it is created to increase the readers, it must include some informative content that viewers would like to read. And if it is designed to sell some product, it must add some contact details for customers to follow. While creating images be very particular about the reactions that you want from the viewer’s. Make them the basis for your creation.

Say ‘NO’ to Stock Photography

Always try to create personalized graphics. Don’t use stock photographs available on the internet. It seems more like copy paste that something creative. Customers are still enthralled to see something innovative and creative. So try to create a customized image. Even if you use a stock photograph make desirable changes into it to add spice to the picture.

The Bottom Line

The article throws light on the fundamental tips for creating compelling images. The graphic designers of any organization must remember these tips while creating business graphics. It will help in creating persuasive and compelling images. It will capture social media attention and increase the count of your followers. Such images establish company name and reputation. So follow the tips and always create spectacular graphics.

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