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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Customer Reviews- Things that Matter

Customer-Reviews-Things-that-MatterThe first thing a customer looks for is, product reviews before they spend money on it. The reports of a product or service help the customers to think in detail about it. Both positive and negative reviews lay a profound impact on the sales graph of the company.

Testimonials are one of the essential parts of marketing. They are the undoubtedly the authentic experiences of individuals who used the product. These testimonials are valuable for people who research about a product or service before spending money.

The matter of concern is that all the reviews are not equal. Some of the companies also try to buy positive reviews from their customers. Specific brands offer incentives in return for reviews that can lift up their sales. Opting this method can hit the reputation of your company. This is a reason Amazon took a step forward to ban incentivized reviews. This way, they made sure that all the reviews are authentic.

Encourage Customers

Whenever a customer buys your product, it works best if you let them know how their reviews are valuable. Convey that their positive reviews will help them grow their business, the happy the customers are, successful is the business. Also, contrary reviews are equally important. Negative reviews for your product gives an opportunity to make improvements for a better performance in the future.

Marketers today very well know that consumers of the modern world are smart. If a company displays only the positive reviews, they know that something is wrong and the company is trying to hide its weak points. Therefore, being transparent is the best way to earn a profit, credibility as well as goodwill in the market.

Disclaimers Matters

If being a service provider or a production company you offer discounted products in return for a positive review from an “influencer,” the Federal Trade Commission control controls such activities. Influencers such as social media marketers with some followers have to follow the Endorsement Guide if they choose to endorse a product on a public platform.

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Furthermore, to ensure that your customers follow best practices, it is best to explicatively remind the incentivized reviewers to state the nature of their endorsement. Details such as the manner of product delivery, whether a review was requested by the company or if they offered a monitory compensation in return are taken into account.


Marketing experts say, when your customer writes a review, you should go online and keep an eye on it. It is also best to call them and thank them for their honesty and time they took out to review your product or service. If it is a negative review, this can be a source to find out what all are the weak areas that need improvements.

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