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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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12 Creative Apps to Inspire Small Businesses

This is a great time to be an entrepreneur and let your creative small business ideas flow. Apps are a must-have. They can help you through a mental block with a variety of novel solutions when you’re stuck.

Here’s a list of the best apps for small business to spark your imagination.

Top Creative Apps

  1. Curator: This app is designed for your iPad mobile device. It is great for collaborating with others on different projects. And creating productive mind maps. It creates a library you can share with clients. Your visual storytelling skills are enhanced by the fact you can draw from sources like Instagram and Dropbox. You can boost your creativity with this app for two different premium prices including $4.99 and $19.99.
  2. Notability: This app is a simple PDF annotation and note taking app to flex those creative muscles. It offers features to import new ideas from DOCS, PPTs, GIFs and others. There are a variety of journaling, notetaking and drawing tools that make this app one of the great options.
  3. Paper By WeTranser: This app’s cloud friendly features make it a winner for people looking for writing, drawing and notetaking capabilities. It is excellent for organizing and capturing creative ideas.
  4. Adobe XD: This is a great app for interacting with AdobeXD prototypes and designing websites. The free version has limited fonts and 2GB of cloud storage. The full version costs $10 a month. The app ranks high as a windows app.
  5. Tayasui Sketches: This is a sketching app that is extremely user friendly. It has the ability to refine doodles into Tayasui sketches. This app’s cloud friendly features make it a good choice for a productive illusory adventure.
  6. Monument Valley: This app has cloud friendly features that require iOS 9.0 or macOS 11.0. Notably, creative minds who use ideo method cards will enjoy this app. It is the winner of Apple’s Design Award 2014 that takes the user through fantastic, impossible architecture. You can get started with creative projects for $3.99 with one in app purchase.
  7. CloudApp: This app boost creativity using iOS 12.0 or later. And macOS 11.0 and Mac with Apple M1 chip. This helps business by capturing visual communications like videos, file uploads and screenshots. In this you can start creating diagrams with the data you get.
  8. Unstuck: Unstuck requires iOS 13.2 or later version. This creative app guides you through the process of peer coaching. It helps designers reimagine their work and costs for $0.99.
  9. Blek: This app boosts your creativity with beautiful drawings as it provides features in which all the coloured circles and other shapes you draw keep moving. This is a unique game that involves personality and imagination. A real winner among the few open ended games available. And a sure way to let creativity flow.
  10. NYArtBeat: Browse exhibits that are happening in New York City. You can find events within walking distance. A great way for creative minds to get inspired. This app is extremely user friendly. It was recently updated for iOS11. An excellent addition to the concept maps genre.
  11. Adobe Comp CC: The app creates wireframes and mockups and lets you use gestures with the stylus or your finger to sketch layouts. This app is a leader among sketching tools that let creative juices flow and good for putting together the information for flow charts.
  12. Find My Font: Find My Font is a tool that helps the creative process by identifying over 150,000 different fonts. It is excellent for designers looking for a specific type in their design projects. If you create a page with creativity and innovations quotes, for example, this will help you find all the fonts you need.


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