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Thursday , July 18 2024

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4 Business Areas Where Automation is Not Required,But You 100% Should Include

The word automation might scare many as it triggers thoughts of snatching human jobs and replacing them with robots. However, the reality is far less intimidating once the ins and outs of the process are understood properly. Automation is an invaluable tool that saves the most precious resource – Time. Manual work consumes time and energy, which can be saved by automation.

Whether you are a solo operation or leading a rapidly growing team, you are going to need this kind of efficient helping hand to reach your goals. People use the process in areas such as scheduling payroll, marketing email campaigns, and enabling security to different departments. Yet, there are many other business areas where automation is not required, but you should consider giving it a go.

1.     Group Meetings

Whether you accept it or not, group meetings can soak time like a sponge, and there is certainly room to get the meetings optimized with automation. Of course, we cannot automate a complete in-person or online meeting, but we can schedule apps for the same. Besides, people think that meetings are one of the areas where automation is less obvious. However, we can now automate some of the necessary preparation for a successful meeting. Besides, we can have critical information and key performance indicators automatically integrated with the shared meeting docs.

2.     Financial Analytics

Data drives savvy business leaders’ decisions and their measuring stick of success. However,  there is so much out there in terms of data that you can quickly become astounded by the numbers if they are not properly framed. However, business leaders think that financial analytics is a business area where automation is not required. However, for business entrepreneurs with several revenue streams, it is important to evaluate each one separately and see what is working and what is lacking. Furthermore, seeing how your budgets and revenue stack up against real-life spending and foreseeing future needs is also a part of the financial variance analysis. Therefore, having your financial analytics automated and regularly delivered does not just save you time but also gives you actionable information so that you can make swift business moves.

3.     Employee Evaluation

Many people think that evaluating an employee’s performance truly needs a human touch, and it is a business area where automation is not required. Here, what can be automated is the organization and metrics used to evaluate employee’s performance. To start this process, you need to give both sides a digitized structure that automatically sends information for the evaluation itself. Furthermore, instead of just going by your gut feelings and favouritism, employee reviews the benefit from an automated procedure, so there are no surprises when it’s time to check-in. Precisely, by employing automation and transparency to the employee evaluation structure, both the employee and employer are guaranteed to walk with a better idea of where they stand in the company and with each other.

4.     Copywriting and Editing

Today, the world of the pen, paper, and writing is no longer limited to human hands. Precisely, automation has made a huge pace in the writing and editing world. There is a tool like Grammarly which have been in the market for ages and act as an automated editor. It can catch most egregious spelling and grammatical errors and even give tips on matters like clarity, tone, delivery, and engagement level. Notably, AI has made huge strides in writing the content itself, although the quality level sometimes becomes questionable. Still, these automated tools can be used for shorter and less important writing tasks.

Precisely, not everyone has welcomed automation in their industry with open hands and thinks that they work in those business areas where automation is not required. However, you need to understand that embracing automation’s usage in the workplace isn’t just a fashion, but it is well on its way to becoming the new norm for more tasks.

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