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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Digital Transformation Trends,Not Meant to be Missed

Digital transformation can boost organizational cooperation, customer engagement, employee innovation, and efficiency and assist in extracting correct insights from data to help in the expansion of the firm. It gives the company a fantastic chance to grow even under difficult circumstances. The way a company runs changes as a result of digital transformation.

  • Working Model transformaation
  • Process Transformation
  • Changes in the way we bank
  • Security upgradation

This transformation affects every business level and brings data from many departments together. As a result, we will witness more small and medium businesses walking this way.

Let’s talk about the salient trends in details that we are going to see

Flexible Workplace

The epidemic demonstrated that a virtual workplace might exist. However, it has also demonstrated that working from home is not for everyone. A blended workplace is an answer. As workers cope with the ever-changing work and home environments, this could also mean that more attention will be paid (and required) to their mental health.

Forty-two percent of current remote workers say if their current company does not continue to offer remote work options long term, they will look for a job at a company that does. – 

Pulse of the American Worker survey  

Process Transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

More business solutions will be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the coming days. So this is the right time to invest in AI solutions for businesses that haven’t started yet. There are number of  tools in the market to help small and medium businesses. For example Chatbots are a cost-effective method for firms to reduce human expenditures while increasing customer availability. Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions can significantly cut HR employees’ time scanning resumes, allowing them to devote more time to individuals who closely match job qualifications or corporate goals. The list of tools will go on.


More businesses will be using the BlockChain model as per the growing trend. Blockchain technology is a network of peer-to-peer nodes that keeps transactional records, also known as blocks, of the public in various databases, known as the “chain.” This type of storage is commonly referred to as a ‘digital ledger.’ Accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment is the first step a business can take to use blockchain technology. Businesses and individuals spend more than $20 billion on cloud storage every year. Users, especially small enterprises, can store data securely and cost-effectively using blockchain storage solutions without sacrificing data security or overspending.

5G Technology

With faster connectivity being on-demand, we can gradually expect shifting from 4G to 5G not just for mobile but also for systems. Small Businesses will be able to construct several virtual networks with just one physical infrastructure, thanks to 5G technology. This network slicing can assist small and medium businesses to deliver an end-to-end virtual system that includes networking, computing, and storage services.

Dependency on Automation

Investment in Automation is initially high, but it’s a more cost-effective way of managing businesses in the longer run. So slowly, we are experiencing the shift towards Automation and lesser dependency on an employee in every business area. Small businesses can and should automate every element of their operations, from generating leads to closing sales, serving customers to completing everyday office work. Small business owners may spend more time on tasks, such as growing the company, when repetitive activities are automated.

New era Banking

This new banking era is all about digitalisation and working at your fingertips. The banking sector has taken an overall transformation. A traditional bank will lose market if not upgraded. Online banking includes online payments, loans and approvals, faster, user-friendly apps, etc.


As we progress toward ever-evolving digitalisation, we must also maintain a high level of security. Make sure your company is safe. Use password protection, dependable cloud-based applications, and secure payment systems. Large-scale security breaches (the recent case of facebook) have prompted us to consider double security in our operations.

Digitalisation is the only constant evolving process in the coming days for every business. Therefore, innovating and adapting to the latest technologies is the best way to enhance the success of businesses.


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