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Friday , May 24 2024

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Do you really need a Growth Hacker?

Do-you-really-need-a-Growth-HackerGrowth Hacking has become a foolproof way of ensuring the growth of your business. With so many aspects to keep in mind while planning a growth hacking strategy, it might seem a very daunting task. Growth hacking focuses on so many diverse aspects like utilizing the social campaigning to your benefits, optimizing your business portrayal to get visibility for search engine and forcing virality to propagate your business’ name. With the advent of Growth Hacking, the global demand for a growth hacker has increased by 86% in the past year. It might come to mind that you need an entirely dedicated person for the task of formulating your growth plan and monitoring steps required for targets to be acquired. Startups and small, medium-sized businesses already have a lot on their plate with establishing and garnering customers, so it might seem prudent for them to hire a person whose sole dedication is towards the growth parameter of the company. Get an insight into who a growth hacker is.

Programmer=Growth Hacker? Not Necessary!

It is a common perception that a growth hacker will be more efficient in his work if he’s a programmer but it’s inaccurate nonetheless. Though a programmer might have knowledge about technology and languages but growth hacking is not limited to these constraints. If a business aims at sustainable growth, a growth hacker is a right person for you. As soon as a product is launched and is deemed fit for the market demand, the next step is to work for the scalable growth of the product. So instead of going for a VP of Marketing, appointing a growth hacker seems wise.

Must Have’s in a Growth Hacker!

Hiring a growth hacker for your business might seem as a tricky task so let us simplify it for you. A growth hacker’s main objective is growth, his concentration lies in the targets to which he has to take his business and in what ways. A growth hacker is a combination of a coder and a marketing expert but it is certainly not limited to that. A growth hacker makes net virality, A/B testing, SEO, Open Graphs etc. as his tools of operation and must possess a keen eye in targeting audience. A growth hacker waddles in the pools of marketing along with real-time sales and web analytics to formulate your business’ growth plan. A growth hacker becomes an intermediary between the product team and the team responsible for marketing. It can be put as- a growth hacker steers the company while others run it.

The Bottom Line

After keeping all the points in mind it can be deduced that hiring a growth hacker depends on the approach a business is following and its long-term goals. It can also be partially decided by the size of the business, as small and medium-sized businesses might not require a dedicated person to monitor the growth parameter. A person fit to scale the marketing dimension with a sound technical knowledge can take up the role as long as the stakes are not too high. As far as large business enterprises are concerned it is best to get an expert if you wish to see your business booming beyond the conventional reach.

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