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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Few Elementary Components Of A Start-up Pitch Deck

In the course of startup pitch events, you often have a time of about two minutes to present your early-stage startup to potential investors. It is very little time to make an impact, and it requires you to say everything on point and eliminate those points, which are of no use. Here are the most important points you need to add while presenting your ideas.

What is the Business About?

First, you need to state the startup name in one sentence or as short as possible to explain what your business actually offers. Through this, people or your investors should understand what your business is about. Try to avoid industry lingo and vague statements and write everything up to a point.


Here you will talk about the market opportunity. You can talk about the new unsolved problem or the problem that has been solved, but you can tackle it from a unique angle. The key to this component of your presentation is to convince your investors of the legitimacy of the problem and, ideally, its intensity and frequency. Don’t be vague while presenting the problem and its solution. You should make it easy for potential investors to put themselves in the place of the people you are targeting.

Size of the Market

Startup companies are about growth, and it is very well known that start-ups have a risky nature, which makes it a requirement that they have a huge upside. This way, the few winners in the portfolio of startup investors can more than compensate for the losers. You need to evaluate the size of your market and make sure that your market should be big enough to justify a potential business value of at least $100 million, but ideally more than $1B. Understand that trying to present yourself as humble and down-to-earth by moderating the potential of the business is a mistake.

Product Solution

Present your product as a solution as concisely as possible to the investors. Don does not talk about features; instead, talk about the benefits for the users. Also, provide information about how you’re making money and what startup business model are you using?


The big question that defines the success of your startup is the indefinable product-market fit. Specifically, pay attention that your solution is the right one for the problem. Investors will not always believe in your words, so you need some form of proof. If your idea is on an early stage, you need to show some form of idea validation to your investors. If your startup is at a later stage, then you can show real usage and revenue figures, showing that you are on the right track to product-market fit.


Usually, the competitors are a good sign for early-stage start-ups. By highlighting the competitors and competition, you can convince investors that your solution is sufficiently differentiated from the existing solutions. Keep in mind that these competing solutions do not necessarily have to be companies or any organization.


Often the investors are interested in your brand marketing strategy. It means that you need to build a go-to-market strategy if you are a new startup and a growth strategy if you have an established business. The smaller your company is, the more important it is to concentrate your marketing efforts on a few highly effective channels.


You need to show the investors your team and their skills, knowledge, and qualification for the startup. You need to have technical people along with marketing, management, and an effective workforce.

These start-up pitch deck components mentioned above will help you in building a convincing presentation for your new business quickly and painlessly. You only need to pay attention on how you communicate with your investors.


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