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Monday , April 15 2024

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Growth Hacking Tools Product Review- Interstate Audiences

Growth- Hacking- Tools-Product-review-interstate audiencesImplementation of growth tactics in a business always needs a better inspection as well for consistent progress. Proper data integration and accomplishment of associated tasks is vital to achieving business goals. Take a look on Interstate Audiences, a marketing analytics and attribution tool that offers a complete view of your investments and assets, corresponding to the outcomes by each.

The top growth hacking tool for small business provides analysis of your spend on ads and their related revenues. Track every detail that contributes to the conversion of your product from leading resources that generates more customers to how much time users take for conversion. Interstate offers various reports over the insights with the ability to filter by date, campaign, source, and more. You will be able to determine spend per channel, customer payback time, cost-per-lead, cohort behavior, and other useful metrics.

Editions and Pricing

Standard Free Unlimited ad spends integrations Track multiple conversion goals
Pro $1000/month Custom channel integrations API access to your data

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Interstate shows a brief report on the money spent and revenue generated incorporating all the resources of money in your business. It shows complete metrics of the number of visits, conversion rate, and how long it takes to pay your ad spend.



Channel report is worth notice. It displays the channel list along with the conversion path users are traversing to target your site. Additionally, the information also includes how many conversions have made in average time consumed by channel for conversion.



Segments are the channels you use for marketing and sources of your conversion. Track the graphical representation of your segments with respect to time in Interstate. Clearly, observe the growth channels from where the most revenues generate.




Set requisites and filter your audience through by inputting your target values based on user behavior. Get relevant results using search query options provided by Interstate. Access audience sets to target new users or retarget existing ones to deliver your product. Build and launch ad campaigns to reach your audience through Facebook, Taboola, and more platforms.


Mobile Accessibility

Interstate does not allow mobile accessibilty.


The tool offers integration with 15+ platforms including Facebook, Google AdWords, Twitter, Mixpanel, Salesforce and more.


Send an email to get support from the team else; you can call them.

Pros and Cons of Interstate Audiences


  • Add members to the project.
  • Set IP addresses you want to
  • Campaign management tool for budget and performance.


  • Diverse graphics reports for comprehensive results is required.

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Interstate Audiences is a free tool to make ad analytics better. It saves time from managing a stack of Excel records and with its fast and accurate performance, see your business growing.

For more details, please visit Interstate Website.

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