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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Growth Hacking Tools Product Review- Viral Loops

Growth-Hacking-Tools-Product-Review-Viral-loopsGrow your website’s traffic using referrals and viral them for seeking customer attention with the referral Marketing platform, Viral Loops. The concept behind is simple; motivate existing customers to help you find new ones through these referral programs/emails.

Viral Loops a growth hacking tool for startup has inbuilt reference templates inspired by successful companies, for your upcoming campaigns. Select a suitable template for your business need and customize it as you wish. Use easy and handy referrals for Pre-launch campaigns and manage them efficiently after launch with the dominant Analytics feature.


Editions and Pricing

Startup $49/month 500 Participants 1 Campaign Template No API
Growing $89/month 1,500 Participants 3 Campaign Templates API
Power $199/month 10,000 Participants Unlimited Campaign Templates API
Unicorn $599/month 100,000 Participants Custom Campaign Templates API

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Viral_Loops_Customized_TemplatesCustomized Templates
No need to waste time and resources on building referral pages for your site.  All you need to do is just select the desired campaign template as per your requirement from the pre-made templates of Viral Loops. The exciting thing is each template is customizable, so easily modify the content of your referral and ready with it in no time.




Viral_Loops_Invite_and_ShareInvite and Share
The most important Viral feature is this. Viral Loops has already incorporated social platforms so that you can acquire more participates by giving them the freedom to share your page with their network.




Viral_Loops_Activity_TrackingActivity Tracking
After inputs and Viral referrals, check out the progress of your campaign. The tool provides the overview of campaigns by showing you the major entities including the total number of participants and a graphical representation. A user can manage these tracking by viewing and editing the campaign progress.



Viral_Loops_Insights_AnalyticsInsights Analytics
With powerful insights analytics of Viral Loops, know more of your campaigns in depth. Discover the best performing and productive channels. These insights tell a user about the progression as per time with ratios. Only know your top leads through the participants list by Viral Loops and export them if needed.

Mobile Accessibility

Viral Loops yet not offers the mobile app for it; this is purely web based application.


Viral Loops integration feature includes MailChimp, Mandrill, Google Analytics, Slack, Intercom, and Mixpanel.


A Knowledge base exists in the app to answer user’s common queries. Additionally, you can also email them regarding the concerned issue. Moreover, perform live chat with them through Intercom.

Pros and Cons of Viral Loops


  • Preview is available for each template and referral email.
  • Easy to implement snippet of code.
  • Export of leads list.


  • Not for any mobile application.

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The tool is light and comfortable with customized interface. Referrals drive a user to try regular stuff, so access Viral Loops for referring system; attracting new users through your existing consumers faster.

For more details, please visit Viral Loops website.

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