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Monday , April 15 2024

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Project Management Tools Product Review- Braid

Project-Management-tools-Product Review-BraidProject management apps being a necessary tool in all business processes are frequently used. One need to add them explicitly for gaining a smooth workflow. What if a user does not need any other framework to perform extra activities? It will save resources and a lot of time of the user. Braid is one such tool to manage every project with no additional requirement; a Gmail account is enough.

Braid is an app that itself can be integrated with Gmail and Google apps to manage all emails, events, and notes effortlessly. Accomplish tasks; from creating a project and sharing it with teammates to managing each client by status; performing all within the Gmail interface itself. The braid tool requires a two click installment and it is ready to use at the same time one is looking at his emails.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Price Features
Individual Membership $29 per month
  • Unlimited private and shared projects
  • Member-only events and discounts
Team Membership $99 per month
  • Unlimited private and shared projects
  • Up to five team members
Office Membership $950 per month
  • Unlimited private and shared projects
  • Member and organizational discount
  • Telephone support
  • Detailed analytics
  • Video onboarding sessions

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Braid_Braid_NotificationBraid Notification
Just a click away and the tool is ready to use with Gmail and every Google app. The braid app icon tells about the count of notes and emails have been added to the concerned project. With every new threat, the tool instantly shows the notifications.



Braid_Project_FeedProject Feed
The tool shows users a feed associated with their projects. The feed holds a simple interface where the user can see all emails and notes added within a project at one place. The most recently used will exist over the top of the stream. The user can share projects anytime with the teammates. A user can even remove any teammate whenever he wants.



Braid_Calendar_IntegrationCalendar Integration
Braid allows integration with every Google app including integration with Google calendar too that makes it more usable; involving schedule in projects. Because of this, a user is allowed to make schedules and plans visible for teammates. Every calendar activity can be shareable with a click be it a meeting or a deadline.



Braid_Braid_IdentityBraid Identity
There is no need for extra tools to manage additional tasks; the tool has every essential. It is so easy to identify required project email that too at one familiar place- Inbox itself. The Braid projects are identifiable due to their nomenclature.



Braid_Status_SharingStatus Sharing
The tool consists a widget called status. It offers the facility to set a status over an email or note in a project. All the team members then can see the status identify the condition of a note.




Braid_Log_EmailsLog Emails
Adding emails to braid is called logging emails. The ‘Add to Braid’ button allows the user to incorporate the email into a Braid project. With every addition, the corresponding email is shared with teammates of that project, automatically.



Braid_LabelsBraid Labels
The braid app automatically creates labels for each relevant project. These labels are customized and can be edit anytime by the user and is allowed to modify them.



Mobile Accessibility

Not yet the web app is accessible through mobiles; the team is working to launch mobile app soon.


The app has integration with all Google apps.


FAQs are present for the user for any concerns. A user can also reach the support team by sending an email.

Pros and Cons of Braid


  • One click integration
  • Accessible in all Google apps
  • Status are helpful
  • Automatic labeling
  • Attachments of all kind


  • Reminders are missing
  • Email drag and drop would have fastened the addition into Braid
  • Does not ask for confirmation before posting


The easy to use tool Braid does not occupy any additional space and offers a wide variety of usage. Also, it provides great collaboration among teammates with individual status updating feature. Through Braid smoothly manage the emails, notes, and projects without any navigation.

For more details, please visit Braid website.

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