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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Growth Hacking Tools Product Review- Maitre

Growth-hacking-tools-product-review-maitre‘Growth’ is the primary spot light for any firm and the growth hacker is the one used to enhance that growth. According to Sean Ellis, who coined the term in 2010,”The absolute focus of growth has risen number of tools, methods to contribute in the growth hacking area.” Maitre is one of the growth hacking tools.

Maitre is a copy/paste widget that can be embedded on any webpage. It’s basically a waiting list with a referral system built in. People are rewarded when signing up their friends by getting ahead in the queue. Users have a chance, every week, to get it for free if you sign up to our waiting list and end up in the top 200.

Editions and Pricing

$49 per widget offers:

  • One-off payment
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Unlimited analytics
  • Email support

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Maitre_Easy_to_use_integrationEasy to Use Integration
The app contains some integration tools that are easy to use to mold the productivity of the business. The WordPress plugin from Maitre allows the user to download which further can be included for creating widgets in user’s website.



Maitre_advanced_analyticsAdvanced Analytics
Maitre provides a clean and precise existence of your brand in the community by tracking the visits and conversions via different social or marketing network channels (Facebook, Twitter, email etc.). It not only shows the performance, but also helpful in knowing where to invest money clearly for the product with the use of ultimate analytics.



Maitre_easliy_customizableCompletely Customizable
The app’s content is purely customizable. The user can use the written code of Maitre for his website and will be able to modify the look and feel as per the choice. All that is needed, is a web developer.



Mobile Accessibility

The web app does have a mobile accessibility but doesn’t provide any mobile app.


The app allows integration with 3 other apps – MailChimp, WordPress and webhooks.


There is knowledge base for some technical questions. Other than that, user can email the query for support to the team.

Pros and Cons of Maitre


  • Tells the exact position of user in the queue which is precisely useful.
  • Unlike traditional marketing, it doesn’t need technical knowledge and enhances the marketing in less time.


  • Free/trial version is unavailable.
  • The app has limited apps for integration unlike other growth hacking tools.
  • Email verification is not dynamic.


Maitre tool brings a good experience to strengthen the growth by modern marketing using the algorithm of Maitre which in return helps in generating leads and productivity. Referring the web app to others for more sharing builds usage of the app and popularity gain and this is the key role of Maitre app.

For more details, please visit: Maitre website.

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