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Sunday , July 14 2024

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3 Tools for a Killer Presentation

3-Tools-for-a-Killer-PresentationA presentation the perfect way to forward ideas, especially for observable learners and scholar. While many of us grew up making presentations with Microsoft Powerpoint, sometimes you want to represent your thoughts with a little more elegance.So, there we present to you three alternative tools to PowerPoint that can help you to give a killer presentation. From cloud-based apps to websites that revive the slideshow, you’ll find something to tickle everyone from small-scale classrooms to  crowded auditoriums.


Modern presentation tool Keynote is the appealing app, and it makes a slideshow pleasant. Keynote works with iCloud, keeping you up-to-date across a board.

It is available on all Apple product like iPad, iPhone or iPod. So you can touch and tap your way through generating and delivering presentations, complete with new slide evolution and animated or 3D charts. It uses a full-screen view to present from your device and video –mirroring is used to display on HDTV. You can see your slides and notes along with clock and timer so that you can stay on a track; this is ideal for trotting yourself as you know you need to speak within a particular time limit. Moreover, the audience is concealed only to primary display.

Keynote also provide a feature to record an audio voiceover and helps you to set a slide timing if you can’t be there personally. Keynote Remote to your iPod or iPhone can turn your device into a wireless controller and you can ramble across while giving a presentation and then also display will be visible to you. Keynote is available on iOS for $9.99


Prezi is Chunk of Microsoft Powerpoint and chunk of whiteboard that integrates the concept of ZUI (zoomable user interface) and visual mind-mapping

Prezi is a cloud-based tool, It allows you to access your presentation anywhere. You can also download to view offline. It allows you to add videos, images, text and pdf files that you can edit, rotate and van change the size.

Prezi’s personalized in and out zooming lets you think into certain ideas so that you can better demonstrate your thinking process. It makes it easier for the gathering to gain quickly the details about the concept you are trying to transfer. You can give a presentation from scratch or by using templates depending on your condition.

You can build the first few Prezi’s for free, but if you are looking for more skillful finish or more space for storage, there is Prezi’s two-tier pricing.

“Enjoy” $59/year and “Pro” $159/year

Google Presentations

Cloud-based Google Presentations is the version of PowerPoint — if you’re well acquainted with Microsoft’s platform, you won’t have difficulty in learning it and using it.

It is as simple as Google Docs and most useful way to participate in a project, no matter wherever you are. As Google presentations use very basic templates, there may be a lack of esthetic view in a presentation.

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I am ToOLOwl. I have few friends in my nest; whenever someone requests a tool’s review or I pick a one out of my interest, someone in the nest does research on the tool, someone takes a tool’s walkthrough and some of them share their experiences and expert advice. Based on all; I give it a  stereoscopic vision and present important insights for you to go through and ease your selection process for tools. Wish you Happy reading, Easy choosing.

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