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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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The Funnel Concept for Growth Hackers

The-funnel-concept-for-growth-hackersWhen we talk about funnel, we come to think of a device that is used to direct the flow of a liquid that usually flows unpredictably, to a specific location. This is somewhat similar to what we need to achieve using growth hacking tactics. As we move from the top to the bottom end of the funnel, the volume of liquid keeps decreasing and becoming more directed towards the opening of our container.

Now, our task is to guide people, who have their own free will to our product. How do we achieve that? We divide our growth hacker funnel into 3 levels, each of which represents the consecutive goals that have to be achieved before we reach our final destination. That’s right, these are the 3 levels of the funnel. Let’s have a look at the growth hacking funnel in detail:

Gather Visitors

The first step is to gather as much visitors as you can to your website. This is the stage where ‘virality’ is the word you often hear. Look for innovative ways through which you can gather visitors to your website. You can ask your existing visitors to invite their friends, provide content that your target audience would be interested to learn about, make effective use of social media to market your content, whatever you do, make sure you offer people something they really need rather than using hard sell techniques to market your products.

Turn Them into Members

Now, you have to understand that these are just visitors and not your fan club. If you think your job ends here, you’re wrong as these are just visitors who happen to be on your site. They don’t share a connection with you or your product. The real work is required in turning those visitors into regular members. The active members are the actual people who will drive your growth. This is the stage where you need to understand your target audience. You can use Google analytics to analyze your visitors’ demography.

Retain Users

Until now, you must have realized that it’s a tough job to convert your visitors into members, well, you should know that it is even harder converting members into users. A user is the person who will repeatedly use your product. Someone who has been around for a while. Once you manage to retain users, you can be assured that you have hacked your way to growth.

The Bottom Line

You should know that as you move from top to bottom of the funnel, the number of people keeps decreasing. Now, optimizing your funnel for visitors is good, but that shouldn’t be your ultimate focus as a growth hacker. There’s no point in pushing people to use your product if you do not offer them what they really want. Your product should actually solve their problems. In the end, your overall growth depends greatly on how well your product fits people’s needs.

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