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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Newlytics

marketing-tools-product-review-newlyticsBeing a small business owner, you must have made various investments in running email campaigns, advertising, social media or used plenty of tools for generating Heatmaps and analytics. But, are you able to find out the marketing ROI? Not being able to determine the ROI is a fundamental problem faced by most companies. Even large enterprises that have a dedicated and experienced marketing team are unable to track the results for the expenditure.

A lot of companies fail to draw the line between the cost and the return based on the data gathered. Even though data is available abundantly, they are not able to comprehend this information.

This is where Newlytics can help you; here you can just upload the budget for different marketing activities, and it will make the connections between how much you send and how the leads are created. With Newlytics, you can find out the information about cost per sale and cost per lead, mark sales and discover the avenues giving out best results using visual funnels.

Editions and Pricing

Newslytics offers three plans, namely the free plan, pro plan and expert plan.

In the free program, you can create one campaign; you will get to track one website, track as much as 25 SEO keywords and get heat maps for 1000 visitors a month. Along with that, you will get unlimited analytics data, conversion tracking, ROI tracking and reports all for free.

If you want to create more campaigns, you can go for the pro plan which allows you to track five websites, 5 Adwords campaigns, five MailChimp lists and 100 SEO keywords and Heatmaps for 1000 visitors for every internet site. You can get this plan at $39 per month.

The expert plan can be used by agencies who work with multiple clients; it allows creating of 10 campaigns. You can get this at $59 per month and track ten websites, 10 Mailchimp lists and all the other features available in the pro plan.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Newlytics_LeadsTrackingLeads Tracking
Newlytics will automatically track all the leads that enter your website. You can find out the origin of your leads, track how they engaged with your site before they made contact with you and tracked daily information on sales and leads.


Newlytics_MarketingFunnelMarketing Funnels
You can get a visual demonstration of where you are spending your money and where the points originate from so you can make wiser investment decisions.



Newlytics_CompareFunnelCompare Funnels
You can determine the marketing avenues which are giving the best outcomes by comparing the results from different channels.




Newlytics_TrackROIROI Tracking
For each marketing channel that you utilize, you can understand the ROI and have your marketing stream optimized with practical strategies and budgets.



Useful Analytics Tools
Newlytics provides a range of analytic tools to help you better understand the performance of your website. You can link the campaigns to your AdWords account and Mailchimp account and keep track of relevant data. You can also track keywords and search engine rankings.

Pros and Cons of Newlytics


  • Tracks lead automatically using a single tracking pixel.
  • Effective ROI tracking for each marketing avenue that you use.
  • The expert plan comes with an agency certification which you can show to your clients and set yourself apart.


  • It does not provide social media integration yet.


Newlytics helps you find out the marketing avenues that work best for you. It gives you the information about your website’s performance in a more understandable manner so you can make better decisions about where and how much to spend.

For more details, please visit Newlytics website.

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