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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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3 Strategies to Get More Data From Your Leads and Customers

3-Strategies-to-Get-More-Data-From-Your-Leads-and-CustomersWhen it comes to generating leads, marketing strategies get old too quick. It won’t make a significant influence if you are doing the same thing as everyone else is doing.

You are the same customer as your competitors, and the only way you can get ahead of them is by getting to know your audience better. There are many ways in which you can improve your data-driven approach for lead generation. Here are a few tips to fetch quality data for analysis:

The Mobile-Friendly Approach

Develop native mobile experience for your customers. Workers who use mobile devices for work often continue to use it after business hours. A lot of information is lost by sales reps when the company uses read-only mobile sales applications. When people don’t have the ability to enter data in real-time, they often tend to enter incomplete or less accurate information when they come back to the desktop. It is certainly more fruitful to ask people to enter data when it has freshly emerged in their minds.

Lead Capture Forms

Analyze your lead capture forms to see if you can add some more data points. A simple extra piece of information like their designation or location can be quite useful in finding out the type of leads to go after and some valuable insights about your recurring customers. Many tools allow you to create custom lead capture forms and manage them; you can use this information by integrating the tool with the sales platform that you are using.

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Go For a Multi-Purpose Sales Platform

When you are in dilemma of choosing between too many sales tools, you often get overwhelmed by the task of switching between different tools whether it is for emails, call logs, reporting and other duties and adapting to working with them that you don’t have any time left to input data. So, even though they have access to data in abundance, it is scattered across different platforms, and it becomes extremely tough to make data-driven decisions. When you have a single sales platform for all these activities, you can quickly capture much more data from every point of your sales procedure. You don’t need to make connections between the dispersed data entities of customer communication to gather a more complete and accurate information.

The Bottom Line

Data collection is slowly becoming the vital driving force behind sale performance optimization. Making a slow transition toward insightful data-driven decision making will be beneficial in increasing sales.

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