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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- 1001tweets

Marketing-tools-product-review-1001tweetsSocial media is the new cool nowadays. Apart from the casual communication that common people leverage on these platforms, companies are aiming for branding and popularity by embracing social media. Twitter being one of the most popular social channels with a wide range of targeted audience, can be leveraged with more powerful and engaging tools. Such a tool is 1001tweets.

1001tweets provides a platform that automatically posts your tweets multiple times on Twitter. This way your tweets can get maximum expansion and reach regarding your targeted followers or audience. The tool reposts your tweets containing links. All you need to is Twitter account else will be done by 1001tweets.

Editions and Pricing

Individual 10 €/ month 1 twitter account
Professional 30 €/ month 5 twitter accounts

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Filters like Domain whitelist holds a special power here. Defining whitelist by a user will enable the tool to allow the entry from specific URLs only. Thus, 1001tweets will only repost your tweets that contain domain from your specified domain list and leaving the rest. You can define multiple domains in the whitelist.


In this interface, you can manage things that impact the functionality of 1001tweets. As an account owner, you can decide the number of reposts, the repost period in hours, and domain whitelist.

Moreover, you can implement Bitly for shortening your links in the tweet.

The dashboard of the tool sums up everything relevant to your reposted tweets for you in an organized manner. You can easily locate the number of clicks from your tweets, the definite value regarding analyzed tweets, the state of your account, and other important properties.

This interface caters a fine arrangement for a comprehensive approach for aiming future parameters.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, 1001tweets does not offer app’s mobile version.


At present, 1001tweets provides integration with Bitly app only.


The support system of the app includes FAQs and email support to resolve the user’s query.

Pros and Cons of 1001tweets


  • Analytics report regarding links in your tweets is helpful for outcome clarity.
  • It counts click for each repost.
  • You can enable or disable your account anytime.


  • It does not let you add another account along with a running one.
  • It lacks in providing background details of the clicks.


After a defined period of time, 1001tweets automatically reposts your link tweets, which eventually enhances the number of clicks and visits for you. This is the beauty of the tool.

For more details, please visit 1001tweets website

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