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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Top 10 Password Management Systems

Top-10-Password-Management-SystemsIf you are a business owner, you must have some business assets over the internet. You use several accounts of a variety of websites. Have you ever think of web security? Have you ever think of the easy passwords that you use daily? No, you save your work and store the information in the internet space.

Although you know that the weak passwords make the information prone to hacking activities, however, you ignore them. You want an easy-to-memorize password and strong security. You should use a system that can simplify handling assets over the internet by providing secure password management. Several password managers are available in the market, but you should choose one which is the most updated and fittest in your workplace.

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A password manager keeps your password safe and facilitates auto login, that is, you can access all the accounts without entering the password again and again. With a password management system, you can also use one master password for all. The tools offer plenty of features with affordable pricing. The top 10 password management systems are as follows-

Product Details
lastpass LastPass is a popular password management tool that syncs the password across all the devices. The tool lets the users browse and download while keeping the passwords protected. Users can share passwords and use multi-factor authentication.
 dashlane Dashlane provides an easier user experience while managing passwords. The tool features advanced form-filling and two-factor authentication. It has the capability of automated password change.
 keeper Keeper Password Manager supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The tool is free for a single device. It provides secure file sharing, file storage, and sharing of login details.
 sticky password Sticky Password has an intuitive interface that allows you to secure the passwords quick and easy. The tool provides cloud backup and additional support with the premium version. It facilitates biometric authentication via fingerprint.
 roboform Roboform Everywhere is accessible across all the devices. The tool is free for those who install on mobile devices only. It provides authentication through a one-time password for devices.
 truekey Truekey is a product of Intel security. The tool features two-factor authentication including biometrics such as fingerprint and facial recognition. It can import the passwords from the browser and is free for up to 15 passwords.
 1password 1Password is an easy to use and flexible password manager that works in every browser. The tool offers 1 GB of storage to secure files and keeps track of history items. It allows password sharing and permission control and is best for small teams.
 password box Password Box syncs all the accounts. The tool facilitates a large library of commonly used websites that makes browsing quick and fast. It allows 256-bit encryption and offers a strong password generator.
 logmeonce LogMeOnce captures credentials when you log in and provides actionable password strength report. The tool allows unlimited secure sharing and can track stolen devices. It has unlimited combinations of username and password.
 password genie Password Genie is a password manager developed by SecurityCoverage. The tool stores all the information on the cloud. It offers online storage, web form filling, and strong protection against identity theft.


Business owners should take password security among primary concerns. All the password management systems are unique in their functionality. You can choose one which is the best suited to you.

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