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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Capture Media

marketing-tools-product-review-captureYour business website on the internet is your projection of the business. Images and Videos no doubt add value to it making it interactive and interesting. But issue arrives when the images used across the websites are not authenticated or do not add a fresh look to your web content. Capture Media is a channel that is used in such cases.

This tool lets you search through the online images from social channels such as Twitter and Instagram. You can also request the owners to download and use their media and make its presence on your website through an authentic gallery.


Editions and Pricing

The pricing details of the product are as under:

Free Trial $0 per month
Starter $39 per month
Pro $149 per month
Enterprise $499 per month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

CaptureMedia-SearchforPhotosandVideosSearching for Photos and Videos
There are a number of different ways through which you van search for content on Capture. Photos and Videos can be searched by entering locations, keywords, hashtags, or even usernames.


CaptureMedia-GettingLicensingRightsGetting the licensing rights
Photos and videos are often elements that cannot be used with the prior permission of the owners. In such a case, you may click on the “Lock” icon on any Photo or video from your social handle to the photographer asking for permission to download and use their media.


CaptureMedia-CreatingEmbededGalleryCreating an Embedded gallery
Capture Media allows you to create your own social gallery that you can embed right in your website or blog. All you need to do is to select the photos or videos you want just by clicking the Blue + sign.


Connecting the Social Accounts
Capture Media works for you capturing media on Twitter and Instagram accounts. For this, you need to connect your Twitter and Instagram accounts to Capture Media.

CaptureMedia-Filters Filters
You can use the filters provided by the application to make your search process more refined. The filters that make your search process easy are:

  • Sort by- Recent or Relevant
  • Media Type- Photos or Videos
  • Start Date, and
  • End Date


CaptureMedia-MyMediaMy Media
The My Media section of the application contains the media you wish to add to your media gallery. This section also shows the details of all the Authorization Requests you made, which all are approved, which are pending or which are expired.


Embedding your Gallery
Once the gallery is ready, you can customize it on the fly and generate an embed code that can be copied into the website or blog in seconds to include the gallery.

Mobile Accessibility

The application is unavailable on mobile platforms such as iOS and android.


The tool integrated with you Twitter and Instagram accounts to capture, send requests for media and build your media gallery.


The application itself is an extremely simple and interactive to use, still it offers strong support. The account holder can click on the link “How it Works” to get details about the features of the application. Also, on account creation, the user is taken to a product tour before getting started. Capture Media also offers online live chat option for its users from right inside the account.

Capture Media also have a FAQ section and resolving common queries of its users.

Pros and Cons of Capture Media


  • Simple and interactive application.
  • Galleries will make you organize media files efficiently.


  • The application can include other platforms as well, such as Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Shots, etc.


  • Easy searching facility for pictures and videos.
  • Direct request for access rights makes your gallery authentic.

For more details, please visit Capture website.

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