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Tuesday , May 21 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Clip

marketing-tools-product-review-clipWith the internet being flooded with content nowadays, it becomes tough to filter out what you’re looking for. You end up being confused and irritated of the huge amount of irrelevant and undesirable material. Crowdlinker has come up with another valuable tool- Clip. It is a content curator which offers a novel way to discover the content appropriate for you. The clip follows the posts being accessed by like-minded people and share your content with them. It serves as your digital library where your favorite content and videos are categorically arranged based on a variety of subjects. Accessing the data of your choice has been made easier than ever before.


Besides accessing sought-after content and videos, Clip extends a unique way to invite and connect with people. Found something interesting on the internet? Share it publically on Clip or send it privately to people who you know will care about it. However, the tool still has some strides to make to be able to compete with the prominent content curators available.

Editions and Pricing

Crowdlinker Clip is a free web tool and does not have any different set of packages.

 Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

After you sign up on Clip, you can subscribe to various topics of your interest and the tool will make sure that you never miss an update or a story about your chosen subjects.




The feed displays the links related to all the topics that you’re following. The list is frequently updated. The content filtered for a particular subject can be viewed by selecting the corresponding item from the list available on the left panel.




Clip_CreateClipsCreating and sharing your clips
When you come across something significant on the internet, you can post a browsable link to it in the form of a clip. This provides you with a way to make sure that all your team members who are following that topic can discover and access that content.  Make sure to assign the relevant topics to your clip. You can either share the links publically or send them to specific people in private messages.



Clip_InvitePeopleInviting and Adding People
You can send invitation e-mails to people under the ‘Invite People’ tab. Once they sign up on Clip, you can add them in your circle via the ‘People’ tab.




Clip_SlackIntegrationSlack Integration
This feature is available under the ‘Preferences’ tab accessible in the top right corner of your feed. Once you add your slack account, you’ll witness an option to share your clips on Slack while posting them instantly. This makes the communication with your team even more useful given that your team uses Slack.



Mobile Accessibility

The mobile app is not available on any of the app stores. The tool is readily available via the mobile browsers.


The tool provides effective integration with the widely used team messaging app, Slack. All the clips incorporate browsable links.  You can also share links to YouTube videos.


The company provides support through e-mails and a telephone helpline. You can subscribe to the newsletter by providing your e-mail ID. The company’s blog and social media posts also keep you updated on the features of the application along with disseminating other related information.

Pros and Cons of Clip


  • Efficient Slack integration.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Accessibility of YouTube videos.
  • Free of cost.


  • Availability of limited categories.
  • Lacks Personal touch as Individualistic cannot develop the content.
  • Unavailability of the mobile app.
  • Private Messaging feature is working erroneously.
  • Incapability to form groups of people.


Clip stands out as a free content curation tool and provides various promising features. It presents an uncomplicated and strikingly responsive way to filter out the coveted material from the chaos that Internet content has become.

For more details, please visit Clip website.

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