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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Jooicer

marketing-tools-product-review-jooicerTwitter has become a path to grow your business and reach the potential customer base. Whether you get positive responses or not, you need to take advantage of Twitter as much as possible. Several opportunities exist on this social media network. Growth hacking is the way to influence the large volume of audiences and stand apart from the competitors.

Jooicer is a web-based tool that helps business owners to attain and boost immense growth on Twitter. The tool has various modules to automate the tasks such as follow, unfollow, curate, and favorite. With content curating, you can gain more followers and generate leads.


Editions and Pricing

Jooicer has three editions- Starter, Growth, and Custom. The Starter version cost $9/month for up to 5 modules, while Growth edition cost $29/month for unlimited modules. For Custom edition cost, you need to contact the vendors. The best thing about the pricing model is that it offers tremendous daily tasks and allows thousands of followers.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The tool provides an overview of gained followers through the neat dashboard. The dashboard shows a graphical view of the followers within a timeframe. It also lets you know the recent tweets with location, time, and status.



product_review_jooicer_custom_contentCustom Content
The tool provides custom content services where you can enter the hashtags and schedule the tweets. The module helps you to curate Twitter-friendly content.



product_review_jooicer_follow_usersFollow Users
The tool automates the tasks of following users and based on the keywords. The keywords include bio, language, and location. The tool finds active users with an exact match.



product_review_jooicer_follow_cleanupFollow Cleanup
With the following cleanup, the tool unfollows the users that do not follow back. The tool waits for a few days and makes a cleanup. It also provides the facility to make a favorite clean up.


product_review_jooicer_private_messagesPrivate Messages
The tool offers the best way to send automated private messages to new users. The automated private messages can short the URLs and are limited to 200 messages per day.



Mobile Accessibility

The tool is accessible through mobile browsing.


The tool does not integrate with other tools.


The tool provides support via FAQs. You can get support on your choice of topic.

Pros and Cons of Jooicer


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Cost-effective for small businesses and startups.


  • Reporting facilities are missing.


Jooicer is a tool that differentiates with other with the functionalities and features. The stand out features is whitelist and configurable daily limits of tweets. The tool offers unfollow protection as well. Custom content service, private messages, and cleanup facilities make the tool stay on the top of other Twitter growth hacking tools.

For more details, please visit jooicer website.

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