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Monday , June 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Overheat

Marketing-Tools Product-review-overheatAnalytics and inspection of a product are as essential as the Marketing phase. It is useful to improvise performance of the service. Overheat is a tool that helps you achieve great performance with valuable insights of your website based on user behavior. The user will able to track visitors and understand their behavior, track weak spots, improve the functionality and structure of the site.

A user will be able to convert visitors into customers after implementing the requirements. The user can also find results amongst suitable customers by blocking remaining ones. One can impress clients with visual tracks, and rethink or alter content for achieving desirable results.

Editions and Pricing

Default 100 €/ month 3 domains 10 form analyzes 10 conversion funnel
Business 300 €/ month 20 domains 50 form analyzes 50 conversion funnel
Professional 750 €/ month 50 domains Unlimited form analysis Unlimited conversion funnel

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The app lets you track the usage ratio of your web page. Its Video Session Replay (VSR) captures the anonymous users’ activity. Through this recording, you can effectively see your users’ responses on the website. Know where the user clicked most; encounter the least used options or regions and the scroll speed of user on the web page. Directly track users’ activities via recording.


You can easily see the visualization report of your users’ activity. Here you will track the visuals for the clicks users have made. Find the scrolled sections, mouse movement maps and all responses to gain insights on user behavior through the real visuals. Heat maps offer analysis to know strong and weak points of your website.



Overheat_Conversion_FunnelConversion Funnel
Using the app, retrieve the click-through-rate and bounce rate of your web page. The funnel helps you decide the structure and influence of the communication with the users. Improve and get desirable outcomes with a better relationship with the customer.




Overheat_Web_AnalyticsWeb analytics
Overheat covers the full inspection over your website. It shows the analytics report for your web. The statistical data report involves the data based on click-through-rate, order value, and filled in contact forms. This report is essential as well as helpful to improve the conversion rate of the site.


Mobile Accessibility

The app only works on all devices including a mobile device.


Overheat does not allow integration with any other app.


The app has FAQs and documentation for user’s referral. Moreover, get support via email and phone call.

Pros and Cons of Overheat


  • Easy to use with fast service and results.
  • Maintain user privacy.
  • Build Invoice data.
  • Export pdf reports.


  • Lacks in major user background details.
  • It does not perform URL checking.
  • Insufficient information about involved admins.
  • Does not allow sharing results socially.


  • Todo list in an analytical tool.
  • Form your favorite tips at one place.
  • Create and access Notes.
  • Social share monitoring.

For more details, please visit Overheat website.

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