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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Project Pingback

Marketing tools-product-review-project pingbackThe world is changing with the large use of technology. People are engaging more and have almost become dependable on this. Everything is online, from a small thing to large communities. Correspondently running with innovative products, Online e-commerce market is the new cool in the world. It is a revolutionary system of selling/buying objects.

Rather than wasting time and resources for daily operations people are now more inclined to online platforms. Incorporating social media Twitter, Project Pingback is an online platform functioning for the companies to sell/buy their products. One of the most used social platforms Twitter has billions of users worldwide, so generating customers is quite easy.

Project Pingback helps in finding potential customers on Twitter. The tool searches for the sellers/buyers of different products and allows the user to connect with them instantly.

Editions and Pricing


  • $9 / month
  • 300 Leads/ month
  • Inbox system for leads
  • Customizable email alerts

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Project_pingback_project_creationProject Creation
Project Pingback allows the user to set searches regarding keywords. The backend algorithm of the tool finds the leads relevant to the keywords and displays the search results in the format of tweets. There is three levels keyword entry which help the app to find precise data. The user can enter about the particular product he/she wants to sell or buy.


Project_pingback_instant_conversationInstant Conversation
The tool is fast and active. The user can connect with the customer on the spot by making conversation over his/her tweet. This dynamic interface enhances the functionality of Project Pingback.


Mobile Accessibility

The app does not provide mobile accessibility.


Project Pingback is based on Twitter account, therefore, provides complete integration with Twitter app.


The user has option of Email to connect with the support team of the tool.

Pros and Cons of Project Pingback


  • Lead generation is fast and relevant.
  • The approachable technique used.


  • Allowance of only one project search in the free trial.
  • No feature of report generation.


The Project Pingback app brings a new style of finding potential customers for the business. The tool builds a reliable bonding between a client and a company/user via the Twitter platform. Twitter has an incredible amount of accounts which offers a long term stability of the tool in the market.

For more details, please visit Project Pingback website

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