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Thursday , July 25 2024

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10 Tools For Creating Infographics

10-tools-for-creating-infographicsIt cannot be denied that an infographic makes the content lively for reading. In comparison to the purely textual article, it is 30 times more likely to be read. The infographics include images, charts, data visualization, and icons that can easily be edited and reused. Personal desktop applications like Adobe Illustrator, are available for creating infographics. However, some online tools cater to the facilities that help you to create infographics of the same effectiveness and save you money and time. Infographics are the best resources for the templates that are available for starting project work, for sharing over social media, or for personal use.


There are various tools available online functioning in different ways, and the best ten tools are as follows.

Product Details
 piktochart Piktochart is a web-based tool that provides customizable themes and templates. The tool is very easy to design. You can resize, change colors, and adjust objects and graphs as per your preferences. It is the best suitable for creating the presentation.
 easel-ly Easel.ly has the best collection of templates. It facilitates arrows, shapes and connector lines and editable text. The basic version of the tool is free to use.
 infogram-logo Infogr.am is a handy tool for creating charts and maps. The tool allows you to customize data in Excel-style spreadsheets (XLS or XLXS). You can import data from built-in spreadsheets and save the final infographics in PNG or PDF format.
 visme-co Visme.co enables you to create infographics from the extensive collection of presentations, animations, banners, and other engaging content. The tool places the templates simply and beautifully.
 canva_logo Canva is a powerful online infographic maker tool that allows you to create a variety of designs from the available templates. The best thing is that it is very easy to use even for non-designers.
 venngage If you want to create infographics for promotion and reports, the tool Venngage can help you in a variety of ways. The tool minimizes the process of creating infographics and helps you to publish quickly.
 vizualizeme-logo Visualize.me allows you to create the resume in infographic way. A wide range of templates for the designs is available with the tool including themes, timelines, bubble charts, and other formats.
 dipity Dipity offers an excellent way to create timelines for the infographics. The tool integrates images, text, links, social media, date, and time stamps. It also provides custom brand, background, and analytics.
 get-about-me Get about is all about creating engaging infographics for social media. The tool tracks and monitors your social media activity and visualizes the way you connect with your social network.
 creately Creately is a diagram tool that has an extensive collection of shapes, connectors, and charts. The tool also provides facilities for real-time collaboration for teams.


These are the coolest tools for creating various kinds of infographics. Some tools are best for presentations; some are suitable to create graphs and charts, while others are appropriate to promote infographics over social networks. The tools reduce the steps and accelerate the process in which the editing of customizable templates is available.

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