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Thursday , July 18 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Stakkr

Marketing-Tools Product-review-stakkr

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Content management and sharing are one of the primary tasks of any business enterprise. But many of them gets too busy in the development process, that it becomes difficult for them to cope up with this.

The wrong or unpredictable timing for social posts can make you lose your regular visitors or customers. To manage your social presence and to timely update your audience, Stakkr will help you. This is a platform that can efficiently manage your social posts and schedule and post them at the time wish to.

Editions and Pricing

The versions and pricing details of the application are as under:

Free Free Forever
Starter $4.99 Per Month
Plus $9.99 Per Month
Pro $19.99 Per Month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

stakkr-thetwitterintegrationThe Twitter Integration
Integrate the application with your official Business Twitter account to get started; this may need to fill in the login details of the Twitter account.

Stakkr will automatically pull in all the details and will instantly get started. You can add and manage as many as 75 Twitter accounts with Stakkr.

stakkr-thedashboardThe Stakkr Dashboard
The Stakkr dashboard offers a quick display of all the Twitter accounts you have connected to. You can also add more than one account directly from the dash. The options menu on the right top corner of the application offers the complete feature set.

stakkr-creatingthetweetCreating the Tweet
You can create the Tweet for your company directly inside The Tweet composing and posting needs you to follow a couple of steps such as:

  • Write the Tweet
  • Upload Image
  • Choose Date
  • Specify Time, and
  • Select Account

Once the tweet is created following all the steps, Stakkr displays the complete details about the Tweet, even including the account for which it was created, and how many more Tweets are left to be revealed.

stakkr-shuffletweetsShuffling the Tweets
Once your Tweets are created, you can quickly rearrange them with the shuffle option. Once these are shuffled, you cannot reshuffle them, i.e., the action is irreversible.


stakkr-thequeueThe Queue
You can access the Queue by the main menu from the dashboard. This lets you take a quick look at all the Tweets that have been scheduled up till now. The Queue feature displays all the Tweets that are in the Queue with details such as:

  • Account- Your Business Account
  • Characters of the post
  • Status
  • Date
  • Time, and
  • Options

Mobile Accessibility

The application is unavailable on Mobile devices and platforms such as Android and iOS.


The combinations of the platform include:

  • Chrome Extensions
  • URL Shortener-, and
  • Slack Integration


The product offers a 24-hour email support to all its users.

Pros and Cons of Stakkr


  • Straightforward and intuitive interface to use.
  • Free Tweets for your business Twitter Account
  • Media support lets you attach interesting and relevant images.


  • The User Interface has a scope of intuitiveness and improvement.


  • Intuitive Pricing and a feature to cancel your subscription anytime make it highly flexible.

For more details, visit Stakkr website.

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