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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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How Long Tail SEO can influence your Business?

How-Long-Tail-SEO-can-influence-your-BusinessOne of the lesser known techniques to pull in traffic is using a long tail SEO strategy. This is an effective way to build up and pull in large amount of traffic. Also, studies says that, the long tail keywords are easier to rank for, convert more visitors to customers, and bring in more combined traffic as compared to “head” keywords. Here we will discuss what long tail SEO is and how it benefits your business.

What is Long Tail SEO?

Competition on the internet have experienced a huge rise in the recent years. Every business that exist in the market tends to have a website describing about their products and services. Also, it is quite probable that, these businesses aim to pull in most of the traffic looking forward to convert visitors into customers. With such a scenario, it has become important for business to target audience more effectively.

There are a few things to keep in mind in the process of SEO. First of all, it is better to target words with higher search volumes. Search volume here refers to the number of times people have searched a given keyword in a particular period. Secondly, how easy or hard it is to outbreak the competitors of the given keyword. Also, it is important to target only those keywords that hold strong relevance with your products or services.

The High Rank Potential

Long Tail keywords no doubt have higher ranking potential that the head keywords itself. A multi word keyword is comparatively easier to rank as it becomes domain specific and can directly point to your business. Let us consider your firm specializes in refrigerator repair services. In the late 90’s it was easy to get in the top 10 list with a generic keyword such as “refrigerators”, which had approximately 33,000 monthly searches.

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On the other hand, today when you search this keyword on the Google, it will generate about 502,000,000 web pages all of which are more or less relevant to the search term. Businesses are adopting long-tail search keyword strategy to make and sustain a secure position to the top of the list. Now instead of typing in “refrigerators”, you need to type “Refrigerator repair nyc” to get to the desired location.

High Conversion Rate

High conversion rate is yet another benefit of using long tail SEO. This concept is effective as, when a person types in a long tail keyword, the intentions of the visitor becomes quiet clear. Having a long tail keyword, you can easily target the audience or catch an old customer. Generic keywords can put you on the back seat with your competitors.

Head VS Long Tail SEO

Head keywords are generic 1-2 word phrases that hold broad meaning. Long tail keywords, on the other hand are more specific 3+ word phrases that are highly relevant to certain niches.

The generic keywords no doubt face more competition than the long tail ones.

Traffic Volumes
Generic keywords naturally hold high traffic volumes than the long tail ones. Also, it is not important that the driven traffic get converted into customers. On the other hand, long tail keywords have low traffic pull but it holds more potential of them.

How to find out long tail keywords
There are many tools that can help you to find out long trail keywords. These keywords can greatly affect your online traffic pulling in more people and retaining customers. Google keyword planner and HitTail are the platforms that can help you build a strong customer base.

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