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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Social Insight

Marketing-Tools Product-review-social Insight

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Social insight is a product that gives a complete detail about your Instagram account. It will help you to keep track about your social presence on Instagram and how your posts are converting visitors into customers.

Having all advanced features and deep insight capabilities, this can be a perfect partner to observe and grow your business online.

Editions and Pricing

The pricing plans of the product are as under:

Small Agencies $299 monthly with 20 linked Instagram accounts
Business $ 79 Monthly with three linked Instagram accounts
Power User $ 29 Monthly with one linked Instagram account

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Social insight-DashboardThe Dashboard
The application takes you to its panel as soon as you sign up with Social insight. The panel displays a quick analysis graph depicting your total followers, follower change, and member growth.


The panel also shows your total number of followers with the number of following gained and following lost with net following you have.

Social insight-KnowYourSocialEngagementBetterKnow Your Social Engagement Better
The engagement tab on the top left corner is a feature that lets you know the details about how your social posts have engaged with your potential customers. This feature holds details such as:

  • Total Posts
  • Likes Per Post
  • Total Likes
  • Comments per Post
  • Total Comments
  • Number of Posts
  • Interactions
  • Post engagement
  • Post engagement
  • Profile Engagement
  • Profile Engagement
  • Post Engagement Rate, and
  • Profile Engagement Rate

Social insight-OptimizeYourSocialEngagementOptimize your Social Engagement
You can optimize your Social posts observing the patterns that impact the audience maximum. This feature tells you separately that how your photo or videos are grabbing the attention of the online visitors. The Optimize option on the top left corner of the dashboard gives a detailed summary of the performance of your social posts. The details include:


  • Most Engaging Post Types- Photo or Video
  • Top Photo Filters
  • Most Engaging Photo Filters
  • Top Video Filters
  • Most Engaging Video Filters

Social insight-TheProfileViewThe Profile View
This feature lets you have a look at your social profile and its overall engagement. This section only displays the tagline of your business with little details such as:

  • Posts
  • Followers, and
  • Following

Mobile Accessibility

The Tool is unavailable on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. However, it can be easily accessed via the mobile web.


The tool integrates with Instagram to pull in all the details about your social presence and its performance.

Pros and Cons of Social Insight


  • Highly simple interface.
  • Easy to integrate and draw valuable insights.


  • The user interface needs a little improvement.


  • Covers broad analytic capabilities to know your presence better.
  • Powerful filters pull in details quickly and efficiently.

For more details, please visit Social Insight website.

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