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Friday , May 24 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- Webtexttool

Marketing-Tools-Product-Review-webtexttoolWebtexttool is a tool built to make your content search engine optimized. The bloggers, writers, and SEO Analyst understand the value of SEO and the challenges to achieve it. SEO is not only difficult but also expensive to incorporate. Webtexttool has made this easy to create an SEO web content. The app is an affordable tool for everyone. It is fine if you are not an SEO expert, with the tool you will be able to create quality web content for your web page.

Webtexttool offers real-time optimization suggestions to the user and helps in improving the content, thus saving a lot of time. Also, find keyword suggestions based on your stuff from updated SEO rules. Through Webtexttoool, optimize your web content, track the page rank using page tracker, and increase traffic to your website easily.

Editions and Pricing

Plan Pricing
Starter Free
Bronze €4.95/month
Silver €9.95/month
Gold €14.95/month

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

webtexttool_Automatic_KeywordsAutomatic Keywords
The tool includes keyword research as the first step. You have to insert a word to search for related keywords in the app. You can either use your own keyword or take suggestions from the app itself. On one click you will see a metrics for your keyword search. Based on your final keyword the app will provide you suggestions and tactics to make improvisation in your content.


webtexttool_Live_SEO_OptimizationLive SEO optimization
The app offers automatic real-time optimization tips for the content. Just write your content and receive suggestions for SEO data. Apply those changes directly to the content and save your time. With page score, you can know how much valuable stuff the page contains. Make use of the optimization tips to raise the page score.



webtexttool_Page_TrackerPage Tracker
Using Page Tracker, you can get the Google rank for your published page. Track the progress of the page via weekly reports and make changes accordingly to enhance its rate based on its keyword.



Readability Score
Find the readability score of your page through the app. It shows how difficult the text is to understand and which age group can easily get it. You can decide to modify the level of the content based on this result.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not provide mobile accessibility.


Webtexttool does not allow integration with other apps.


The support by Webtexttool is strong, which includes direct messaging facility, a knowledgebase, and FAQs.

Pros and Cons of Webtexttool


  • The app is available in two languages – English and Dutch.
  • Autosave page facility.
  • Load content from templates.
  • Sentiment analysis of content.
  • Export the content in Word format or send via email.
  • WordPress plugin is available.


  • No extra insight is available at the competitive
  • Contains fewer features than Google keyword planner.


Webtexttool is the easiest SEO tool for your content. Track your page rank easily and attract more traffic to your site. Along with the real-time optimization suggestions, it also offers SEO knowledge to the user.

For more details, please visit Webtexttool website.

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