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Thursday , July 25 2024

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Top Communication Tools for small business product review – Ryver

Communication-tools-product-review-ryverWorking in teams is something that every business follows. And for this, a lot of things gets involved such as documents, instant live chat, posts, reminders and so on. And this all becomes a big challenge if had to be done manually. For this, we have a product Ryver- a top and an efficient communication tool for small business solution to make your team members create groups and work with efficiency by collecting, collaborating and sharing relevant data and information.

The tool is a fantastic solution for any business which finds work full of a hassle while working with the team. With its advanced facilities and exciting set of features, it makes working with the team a game of few clicks.

Editions and Pricing

Currently, the product is free to use and also is ad-free. The version also offers a broad range of full- fledged features.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Ryver-DashboardThe Ryver Dashboard
The Ryver dashboard provides quick access to all the features of the application such as Integrations, chat, Private teams, forums, streams, notifications, and search. The dashboard also allows you to set your availability as Available, Away and Do not Disturb.


Ryver-IntegrattionsIntegrate with Other Applications To Work Effectively
The tool offers capabilities to integrate the tool with many applications such as Twitter, Gmail, Instagram, Asana, Dropbox, etc. Ryver works incorporating through Zapier.



The tool sends its users instant notifications about activities such as any modifications in the teams, documents or any other content shared across the teams.


Ryver-PostStreamThe Post Stream
A post stream is a place where a member can post a message that is to be displayed to all the members whom the user is connected. The message or post is shared on the platform, the app names as “All Hands”.


Ryver-CreateForumCreate Forums
You can create your forums to post things on public issues which can be access to other people on your team as well.



Ryver-SendInvitesFeatures of a Forum
Once a forum is created, it can be considered as a group of people collaborating for a particular purpose. The forum has many facilities such as

  • Chat
  • Posts
  • Files
  • Guests, and
  • Profile

The user can add guests to a profile. The app sends an invitation to people via emails. They can follow the links and become members of the team.

Mobile Accessibility

The tool is available on mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms- making it flexible to work as you are away or on go from anywhere.


The app integrates with many applications business deals in every day such as Gmail, Dropbox, Zapier, Hangouts, Box, Evernote, Basecamp, Yammer, GitHub, Salesforce, Zendesk, Jira, Trello, Asana, Wrike, Mailchimp, etc.


The solution offers secure support to all its users with a blog section giving details about sections such as:

  • The product overview
  • Web Browsers supported
  • Slack import FAQ’s
  • Information about Chats and Posts
  • External Integrations, etc.

The product also offers an email support for a quick answer to user issues.

Pros and Cons of Ryver


  • Integration with almost every app a business uses thus makes it easy to pull in data and information.
  • Chat and posts features increase communication flexibility
  • Facility to create teams on any basis such as Departments, projects, companies and workgroups offers flexibility in workflow.


  • The feature of audit trial, i.e. keeping a track of all the activities in a team- a log of who did what in the team and the time the task is done can add more value to the product. This features ensures accountability and makes things tack faster in the everyday business process.
  • A call feature connecting people over the platform right inside the team can make the communication process easy and quick.

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The app considers the security of customer’s data seriously. All the data and information on this platform is, therefore, encrypted using the 256-bit encryption. The app does not allow direct access to the data outside of the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud and all the database queries are parameterized.

For more details, please visit  Ryver website.

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