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Wednesday , April 17 2024

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Email Tools Product Review- MailSnail


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Email marketing is one of the oldest and yet today, an effective way to market business. Although most of the audiences nowadays spent a lot of time surfing through social platforms such as Facebook, twitter, etc., but still it is observed that emails still serve one of the best measures to pull in customers. MailSnail one of the best email tool for small business can be one of your marketing partners in when it comes to brand promotion and driving in revenue.

The application lets you create emails and define subscribers for your email marketing campaign. Lacking some of the advanced features such as calendar and analytics, this tool is a simple to use application for small and medium sized businesses.

Editions and Pricing

The application offers a 30 –day free trial. The paid version costs $29 a month + Printing and Postage Charges.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

MailSnail- DashboardMailSnail Dashboard
Get direct access to all the features via the dashboard. The application offers you an intuitive dashboard making things simpler.




MailSnail- CreateAMailer Create a Mailer
Mailers in MailSnail are the agents through which you create and send your emails to a specific set of subscribers. The wizard gives you options to send emails to a set of subscribers or to a specific list of people or to a geographically targeted area in the audience section of the wizard.



MailSnail- TheDesignSectionThe Design Sections
MailSnail allows you to build your own designs providing in-built templates which can be saved for frequent uses. You can also upload your own design templates if you have any other specifications regarding email designs.



MailSnail- ChoosefromTheTemplatesChoose From The Templates
Use in -built templates for your daily activities if you are lazy enough to make and upload your own designs.




MailSnail- DefineaGeographicalArea Define a geographical area
MailSnail allows you to target customers that are located in some significant geographical areas. You can also create a new area or use your own location to target your audience.



MailSnail- CreateSubscribers Creating subscribers
Adding subscribers manually can be a tiresome job, therefore, the application allows you to upload a CSV file containing data about subscribers and directly upload to the tool. Also, the MailSnail allows you to create Subscribers manually if you do not wish to upload a file.


Mobile Accessibility

The application is unavailable on mobile devices and across platforms such as Android and iOS. However, it is available via the mobile web.


The application integrates with Amazon Drive and Google drive.


MailSnail supports its uses with powerful and easy to understand videos that take you through the various features of the application.

Pros and Cons of MailSnail


  • Efficient management of emails and specific subscribers.
  • Targets geographically located audiences.


  • The application is too slow to load.
  • Does not support Mozilla Firefox web browser.
  • Lack of calendar and scheduling feature does not rank it high in the list of preferred marketing applications.

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  • Targets audience geographically.
  • Dedicated mailers can work for the different set of subscribers.

For more details, please visit MailSnail website.

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