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Monday , June 24 2024

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Email Tools Product Review – MailDB

Email-Tools-Product-review- maildb

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In this digital world email is the main source of business communication. It is the key technology for marketing these days. Companies send business proposals and trigger email marketing to increase leads. This emerging trend shows that email is the lifeline of any business nowadays. So it is necessary to have email addresses of the officials and executives of any organization to set up communications with them for expanding your business. It is a tedious task to find emails of individuals online. Thus, to help find the emails, MailDB is put to use. It is an online tool which extracts email addresses from the domain name. It will easily fetch your email address and verify it to aid your business communications.

Editions and Pricing

The Beta version of this tool is available for free.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

MailDB_Domain_searchEmail Search from Domain
Email search is the dominant feature of the tool. It gives you the advantage of extracting email address from the domain name. All you need to do is to write the domain name in the search bar, and the web crawlers of the tool will find the email addresses. It will provide you with the most common email address format for a given domain name, and accordingly, you can identify the emails of individuals. This tool saves the time of searching the web for getting email addresses.

MailDB_email_verificationEmail Verification
It is necessary to identify if the given email address is authentic or fake. This tool applies the verification check to the extracted email addresses to confirm its authenticity. Thus, it not only provides you with email addresses but also verify it so that you can directly use the email address to communicate with the designated person.

MailDB_bulk_Search_verificationBulk Search and Verification
Another interesting feature of the tool is its bulk search. It empowers you to search a large number of  domains in one go. It saves time and generates the email addresses quickly. Also, it provides bulk verification feature which will help you verify many email addresses in just one click. It is an efficient tool for extracting and verifying a large number of email addresses in a short span of time.

MailDB_bulk_Search_verificationSimple API
The simple and effective API helps you easily integrate your device with MailDB. It’s simple REST calls easily pull data from any HTTP enabled device. You can add an extra feature to your device using these API’s.


Chrome Extension
You can use the chrome extension of MailDB to ease your work while using chrome. It will simplify your work and let you establish effective communication.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile app for this tool is not available.


MailDB has integrations with Salesforce, Oracle, Insightly, Highrise, and Zoho.


MailDB offers 24/7 email support.

Pros and Cons of MailDB


  • Easy email address extraction
  • Email verification
  • Bulk email verification
  • Simple API


  • For accessing the tool, there is a long waiting list.

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The unique feature of this tool is its email address extraction from the domain. It helps you get email addresses of the team members of any organization. Thus, you start efficient communications with them once you get their email addresses.

For more details visit MailDB website.

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