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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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These 10 Security Mistakes can Turndown your Budding Startup

These-10-Security-Mistakes-can-Turndown-your-Budding-StartupThe current IT sector is brimming with new startups. Every second day, a new startup comes to life. Along with the startups, comes the security risks. These risks can cause data loss which in turn may result in a dramatic fall of the startup. Thus, to keep the startup ongoing, it is necessary to apply certain security measures to prevent intrusions and keep the hackers away from your startup data. Given below is the list of actions that startups must avert to assure security.

Considering Data Security a Secondary Thing

The startups usually consider the security a secondary task. Their prime focus is on the growth of the company. But, the fact is it is the most crucial for any organization from the initial phase itself. The startups fail to understand the need for it in the first place and as a result, become prey to data intrusion and data theft. This negligence may dissolve their goodwill and force shut-down their ventures.

Avert Security Concerns

The budding startups, caught in the rat race of capturing the market usually forget to ensure the data security. The development team averts its issues. These issues trouble the system at a later date. The vulnerabilities left by the developers at an initial stage may cause the startup to pay a huge price in the future. Data security is very crucial to any organization and must be dealt with efficiently.

Neglecting the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

SSL is necessary to ensure secure data transmission between the server and the browser. The startups in the haphazard to grow big, at times, ignores the need for SSL. It makes the data vulnerable to theft and tampering. Applying the SSL from the very beginning make the transmission opaque and will reduce the threat of data theft.

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Weak Cloud Storage Security

Cloud storage and cloud application is the soul of any startup. Mostly all the startups host their data on the clouds, as they are cheap. Additionally, clouds are also the best form of backups. But the mistake that the startups commit here is they forego the implementation of security policies on the cloud storage. Many people have access to the cloud environment, and this is the main reason that firm security policy implementation is necessary to ensure secure storage on the cloud.

Obsolete security standards

The security standards keep on varying with technological advances. These changes must get incorporated into the startup’s security plan. But many startups fail to understand this basic requirement and keep on using the old standards. The hackers know how to crack the old standards, and this makes the organizational data highly vulnerable to risks and threats.

Overlooking Two-way authentication

The current security standards include two-way authentication. It is a security measure in which along with the password, there is an SMS authentication. One time password is used to authenticate the user. But, most of the startups to avert extra effort in building two-way authentication and ignore its implementation. It makes the security weak.

Permitting Personal Devices in Offices

The startups to cut the initial installation cost allow personal devices in the workplace. All the official work gets done on personal devices. It saves cost in the first place but has huge implications for the future. Once the device gets out of the office premises, it becomes a time bomb, which could blast at any moment. It is because it contains crucial organizational information which could turn down the startup if misused. Thus, startups must avoid BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

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Unlimited Access to Organizational Resources

The startups consist of a small team. It is the reason all the employees have unprecedented access to all the organizational resources. This unlimited access is also a security vulnerability. It is necessary to limit the access of each employee to ensure that the confidential data is not available to anyone but the authorized person. It is because any employee may misuse the data and breach the organizational security.

A blind eye to Cynical Activities

The authorities observe suspicious activities in the organization, but they tend to keep a blind eye towards it. This neglect may cause huge damage if these activities don’t get timely monitored. It is, therefore, mandatory for the startups to stay alerted and keep the notifications alive. It will help in taking preventive measure to avoid a huge catastrophe.

Forgoing Timely Password and System Updates

Most of the data breaches occur due to weak passwords and obsolete system configurations. Usually, the startups forgo updating the system. It is necessary to have anti-virus software installed on every organizational device, and the other system configuration requires an update on a regular basis. Also, the passwords must change from time to time to avoid any system hack.

The Bottom Line

The article lists the Don’ts for any startup. Thus, if you are the owner of any startup or your friend has a startup, tell them to avoid these security mistakes. These small mistakes can have a major aftereffect. Take preventive measure so that you don’t need to take the corrective measure.

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