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Friday , May 24 2024

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Top Project Management software Product Review- Duet

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The primary aim of this top project management software or organization is to manage the project efficiently. The project management helps follow a dedicated procedure to complete the task before the deadline. Manually handling the project management is difficult, it requires physical recording of all the information. It consumes a lot of time and is also prone to errors. This problem of manual project management solves by using automation tools. Many project management tools are available in the market these days to ease the work of the organizations.

One such automation tool is the Duet which not just helps in project management but also support efficient invoicing. It has built-in invoice functionality which generates clear and organized invoices for the customers. This dual functionality of the application perfectly justifies the name Duet. Thus, this app will help earn dual profits for the organization.

Editions and Pricing

Duet offers a free demo of the application. The user can own the application by paying one time cost equal to $79. After paying this cost, the user can permanently own the application.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The dashboard is the first window which appears when the application starts. It gives an overview of all the projects in progress, the upcoming projects and other projects of the organization, under the task head. The billing head briefs the user about the various invoices such as outstanding invoices, overdue invoices, and the draft invoices.

Under the activity head, the user can view the recent activities of the people working on the different project including the recent tasks created by them and the actions taken on the existing tasks.

The project option of the Duet tool helps to view all the projects of the organizations. When you click on the specific project name, it displays all the details related to the project. The details include the tasks created within the project, the invoices for the project, project status and the due date of the project. All this information helps the admin to take smart decisions related to the projects on time.

Additionally, the user can view the calendar to learn about the important dates for the project and files used in the project. Moreover, the user can initiate discussions with the stakeholders as and when required.

The billing head further disintegrates into the estimates, invoices and recurring invoices options. Each of them specifying the payment details of each of the project. Estimates give an estimated value of the project cost. It is saved as a draft so that one can use it to validate the current invoice value before sending it to the client.

The invoices option represents the paid and unpaid invoices created for the project. The recurring invoices have information of the invoices which the tool sends to the customer on a regular basis for using certain services. These invoices get scheduled by the project manager and are send on a recurring basis to the customer.

This feature of the tool generates the overall invoice report for the specific amount of time. The user can filter the information by specifying the period, the project name, and client name to view only the required information. It shows the invoice details in diagrammatic as well as record format.

The admin gets and the idea of the paid and unpaid invoices on viewing the report.

The misc enables the user to do the miscellaneous jobs other than the project management and the invoicing. It allows the user to access the client’s information, the user’s information and adds templates to the tool for customizing its functioning. The client’s option gives details showing their project and the due date for the same.

The admin can add the new client as and when required. The user’s option lists all the users of the tool and displays their details. One can add or delete the user using this option. Settings options help alter the application’s setting and make is customized.

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile apps for this tool is not available.


Duet does not support integrations.


It provides support articles, community support, and open support ticket to resolve user’s issues. Also, it provides 24/7 email support.

Pros and Cons of Duet


  • It combines project management and invoicing under one tool.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Report generation
  • Discussion forum
  • Customizable
  • Cost efficient
  • Import multimedia files
  • Hosted on personal server thereby enabling security


  • Online chat support missing


The tool combines the project management and the invoicing software into one. It helps avoid the usage of two different software for managing organizational work. Therefore, combined project management and the invoicing feature of the tool is outstanding.

For more details please visit Duet Website.

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