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Sunday , July 14 2024

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BI Tools Product Review- Reflect

BI Tools Product review- Reflect

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Analytics are significant for the business elements. Combining the background information, visible analytics report is helpful in making further business strategies and gains much trust. However, comprehensive data visualization needs tools for fast and accurate reporting.

Reflect app seamlessly help organizations to transform raw data into visual forms that are comprehensive for the targeted audience. You can create analytics based on the associated database of your web and app products. It allows the users to embed generated reports into the app platforms making it visible to the customers. From developer to enterprise level, it is supportive for businesses of all market size.

You can connect existing data source with Reflect’s flexible API. Interactive views can be created consisting solid data visualizations over the selected essential data fields of the database. The tool entails effective features to compose and represent the reports in various styles. You can create projects and views within them that stores the effective visual information. Activity accumulates all the events performed by the user on the database in the form of the query language. Connections show the database application your database belongs to. Moreover, team members can be invited for collaboration over the database.

Extract data from any database application you are using and without coding modify the database fields and its visual analytics reports using the interactive design tools.

Editions and Pricing

Developer Free 10k renders monthly
Business $499/month 100k renders monthly
Enterprise Custom 100k+ renders monthly

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

Views provide the place to design and modify a visualization of your data. A view contains various components that help in visual constructions including time series, bars, KPI, and others. It then allows essential edit option to fill the extents of the component. The measures in edit component work as the database query but without using any code. Select what you need to see and show, sort them, filter and receive the exact visuals regarding your business. A view can consist many components, which can be dragged to any position.

The visualization here is important for the understanding of the user. Embed feature allows you to do this by using a code associated with it. You can use the generated code corresponding to the visual preview into your app so your users can look it.

Product_review_Reflect_parameterParameter Preview
In views, you can put limitations on the data visuals satisfying the input conditions. You can create parameter set so the required values are visible only.


Developers can modify the placement and relationship of the database entities. It also offers the preview of the table for comprehensive structuring.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app does not available in a mobile version.


It allows integration with following apps.

  • Postgres
  • MySQL
  • Redshift
  • SQL Server
  • SQLite


The platform provides documents, online support, and email support.

Pros and Cons of Reflect


  • Multiple views under a single project.
  • Database creation without code.
  • Activities in SQL format.
  • Comprehensive data representation.
  • Input data from a CSV file.


  • Cannot change the component once selected.
  • The interface needs strong color representation.
  • No image option for a project cover.


Reflect app transforms the raw data into comprehensive visuals for the customers, which can be embedded as power analytics and report into the web and mobile applications.

For more details, please visit Reflect website.

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