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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Top 10 video Tools for Social Media Marketers

top-10-video-tools-for-social-media-marketersVideos provide brands more effective appearance than other visuals for marketing over social media. Social media marketers find difficulty on the way to make their audience attentive, and they look for the ways to create compelling content. A video that looks good and conveys the message can increase the volume of the audiences as well as fulfill the purposes of marketing. But, creating video is daunting especially for the marketers, and this is where they need the help of some tools. Several video tools are available that help marketers to create compelling videos. Top 10 video tools for social media marketers are as follows:

Product Details
flipagram Flipagram is a tool that lets you combine several images into one short video. The tool is easy to use and allows you to add music in the background of photo-video stories. It is available on all the major mobile OS platforms.
 prezi_horizontal Prezi is a tool for slide presentation in an innovative way. The tool has a dedicated edition for business and provides facilities to create effective presentations to grab the attention of the audience. It is available across all the devices.
 youtube-editor YouTube editor is fully featured with editing features that are accessible right from the website. The tool makes your video SEO friendly and integrates with Google apps. It lets you add annotations and transcripts to the videos.
 animato Animoto lets you create a video in 3 simple steps- pick a song and style, edit photos and text to the videos, and publish or share. The tool allows you to share customized videos across different OS platform. You can create captivating videos in the easiest way using this tool.
 powtoon PowToon has a wide range of templates in the collection that can be customized. The tool also offers the facility to embed the video to your website. It helps to create presentations and animated videos as well.
 wevideologo Wevideo is a web-based video editing tool that provides easy ways of editing. The tool enables you to create slides, crop photos, and edit audio recordings. It is available on the mobile apps store.
 wideo Wideo is an easy tool to create short videos. The tool provides customizable templates and facilities to create your own template from the scratch. You can add logo and graphics to the videos.
 magisto-logo Magisto allows you to create videos with various facilities for editing. With this tool, you can select the theme and add music to the videos. The tool is available on mobile OS platforms.
 stupeflix_logo Stupeflix is a video editing tool that lets you customize photos, maps, text and music all in one video. The tool has powerful features and offers beautiful themes. The tool makes it easy to share across YouTube and website.
 sellemationslogo Sellamations is an innovative tool that offers doodle and animated videos. The tool creates videos combining hand drawn doodle sketches that result in engaging content for social media. The help from professionals is available.


All of these video tools can create captivating videos, and all you need is an idea into your mind to target audience for the very best marketing. The marketers can choose one tool that meets the budget and desired features and keep the marketing campaigns on the go.

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