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Monday , May 27 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- LiquidBlox

marketing-tools-product-review-liquidbloxJani Hiltunen, who dreams of better and beautiful internet, found the LiquidBlox in 2014. Creating digital publications and free layout pages within minutes has become easy with the new LiquidBlox. It is an HTML 5 based tool which is totally affordable. The tool does not require the user to be skilled in coding.

It can help the users to replace PDF and flipbook pages. The catalogs, brochures, and magazines of LiquidBlox are responsive from the beginning. The publications created on LiquidBlox work on all the devices, be it mobile or tablets. The publications respond automatically. A tool is an affordable tool with several features.

Editions and Pricing

The platform has four editions- free, pro, business and corporation.

Editions Pricing (per pricing) Features
Free $0
  • Online Page Editor
  • LiquidBlox branding
  • Publication Embed
  • Unlimited publications
  • 5 Pages per Publication
  • Maximum total pages = 30
Pro $17
  • Online Page Editor
  • Domain Connect
  • Google Analytics Support
  • Publication Embed
  • Unlimited Publications
  • Unlimited Pages per Publication
  • Maximum total pages = 100
  • Multi-user support = 2 users
Business $35
  • Online Page Editor
  • Domain Connect
  • Unlimited Pages per PublicationGoogle Analytics Support
  • Publication Embed
  • Unlimited Publications
  • Maximum total pages = 500
  • Unlimited Multi-user support
Corporation Contact Team
  • Premium Plans

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The users can create and view all the publications and websites created. It also provides video tutorials.



product_review_liquidblox_add_blocksAdd Blocks
The users can add blocks of different sizes. The user can also choose from different templates that are available.



The tool allows the users to design any website or publication in desktop view or mobile view. Based on the view selected the screen size varies.



The users can also perform styling on publications or websites. The users can set the background color and image of the publication, background or block.



product_review_liquidblox_manage_pagePage Management
The users can manage the pages of a publication or website with the page manager. The pages can be duplicated, deleted or added.



Mobile Accessibility

The platform does not have any mobile applications.


The platform does not integrate with other applications or tools except google analytics. The google analytics id can be used to track the usage of publications or websites.


The platform provides support by live chat. It has video tutorials also to help the beginners. The users can also send a message to the team. The users can also drop by at the address provided by the company.

Pros and Cons of LiquidBlox


  • It has a simple look and is easy to use.
  • Upgrading and maintaining billing history is easy.


  • Adding blocks in mobile view cannot be done.


The built in magazine navigation makes it a great the LiquidBlox a great marketing tool. The publications work well with search engines and social media.

For more details please visit LiquidBlox website.

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