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Tuesday , May 28 2024

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Top 10 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media

top-10-things-you-should-never-post-on-social-mediaThe presence of the Internet on the smartphones and into our pockets have brought the world a much closer than expected. People can now express their thoughts to the public within seconds.

Posting anything and everything on the social media can, in turn, raise controversies or can put you or your brand into trouble. We suggest you take a look at the list below before posting anything on the Social media.



Offensive Content

There may be a number of things under offensive content- racial slurs, jokes, graphic images, or anything. A regular posting of offensive content or jokes can show disrespect for other business. It can also cause irreparable harms to your brand.

Claiming Other’s Content As Your Own

Directly using someone else’s content without making any changes can cause serious harm to your brand. Do not forget that copyright infringement is a serious offense and can lead to legal action. This activity can cause serious harm to your brand and you may lose trust from your customers.

Gossip Or Attacks Against Specific People

Lashing out in social media in return to the harm caused to you can harm your band’s reputation. This can leave your relationship in an in repair form once you speak poorly of someone in a public place. Secondly, this can make you lose your customers as they will believe that anything can make you turn to someone who offends you or your brand.

Speaking Bad About An Employee/ Boss / Coworker

Social media is not the place to air grievances against fellow employees or coworkers. Social media should also not be used to publish a list of mistakes your employees make or how impossible it is to deal with certain people at the workplace. Sharing these messages is highly unprofessional as well as can be ground to legal actions.

Sharing Details About Upcoming Business Trips Or Holidays

It is best not to share publicly details about business trips your employees are going to, or even, to the future holidays. Details should not be shared on social media about dates, locations, etc. the issue is you have no absolute idea who all are listening in! It is better to share pictures when you are back from the trip.

Private Conversations

There may be feedbacks from your clients or customers that can make your brand outshine among your competitors. These can be emails from your customers or any other private conversations. Well, it is best to ask for a legal and written permission before you publish this content on the social media.

Financial Information

Financial information such as financial projection, earnings or quotes should not be shared on the social platforms. However, for some industries, it is mandatory to publish earning reports and other financial stuff, still, it is best not to publish sensitive financial information across the social media.

Much Personal Information

Talking about yourself or your business can make you project an authentic image for yourself. But, that does not imply that this practice makes you publish everything personal on the social platforms. There must be a balance between an industry-specific content and personal information that you share online.

Sharing Content That isn’t Authenticate

It is always advised to do your homework and research about the links or content that you share that is from an outside source. Sharing unauthentic links that harm or challenge other business’s reputation can harm your own brand eventually. This can also make your customers or clients believe that you do not do your proper homework to find out details about the shared links before sharing it to the public.

Anything You Don’t Want To Remain Online Forever

It is very important to evaluate the post you share on the social platforms. With the technology that can take screenshots to save evidence, there is no taking back. Therefore, it is best to think radically about the content that you are about to share to the public.

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