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Monday , June 24 2024

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10 Mobile Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

10-mobile-marketing-tips-for-small-businessesSmartphones have no doubt change the way we interact with the world. With about half of the adults in the United States surfing the Internet through mobile phones, makes it more urgent for you to bring your business to the mobile.

With the rapid advancement in the technology, people now prefer to search the web before making purchases. Therefore, it is important to bring the business to mobile to be counted first.

Here are some of the mobile marketing tips for small businesses.

Insist visitors to check in and reward them

It is recommended to ask customers who use mobile service such as Google+, FourSquare or Spotlt to check in to your location. Reward them as they do so. Rewards can be incentives, exclusive discounts, recognition or prizes, etc. when they make a certain number of visits.

Social Media Marketing

With the world gone to the mobile and extensive use of Social Channels, these channels should be rightfully used to promote your brand. Thus, it is best to keep your social profiles up-to-date about your current business undertakings. Social engagements also boost customer retention, therefore, keeping the customers engaged socially can make them buy products or services more often.

Text Marketing

Sending text messages to customers on a regular basis- informing them about the latest trends or offers can boost up your business. Share text messages with your clients insisting them to take specific actions (such as participating in a survey or visiting your website) in exchange for a reward (a free item or 10% discount).

QR Codes

Your QR codes allow your customer to unlock certain areas of your website or to obtain a particular reward or take advantage of certain The QR scanners can easily be downloaded for free on any smartphone. Business can also create their QR codes easily from websites such as qrstuff and add business cards, ads, flyers, etc.

Mobile Customer Service

Use the mobile platform to track orders, payments, shipping details, or respond to customers on the mobile This will make your work process easy. Also, this will make your business more preferred among others.

A Mobile App

A mobile app is the simplest solution for all your business activities. The app should do everything the website does on a computer. It should hold a unique content; it should engage with the customers, make user accounts, make payments and check for future business activities- offers and plans.

Mobile Directories

Mobile directories have indeed replaced phone book yellow pages. It is best to register yourself in such directories to make your business easily found.

Set Specific Goals

Mobile marketing should be carried out with some objectives and should also be tied with some specific goals. The most practical goals can be:

  • Selling the product or service
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Driving traffic to the business website
  • Promote a special offer
  • Offer Customer support

Reward customers on Mobile Apps

You can offer exclusive discounts to customers. Deals made through the app can provide discounts or coupons. This will boost your brand awareness among people. This will also lead customers to keep on checking future discount coupons or offers.

Crafting Text Messages

Promotion content shared via the email and text message is completely different. Emails can contain links and images, on the other hand, text messages are different. SMS’s shared with the customers should be relatively short directly pitching the business scope.

The Bottom Line

Along with the business activities, customers should also find it easy and effortless dealing with you. Even text messages shared by your business should be easily unsubscribed.

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