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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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3 Tips for More SlideShare Leads

3-tips-for-more-slideshare-leadsVersatile presentation platform slide share is amongst the most powerful platform for marketers to distribute visual content. With over 70 million professional users, SlideShare is also one of the highly visited websites of the world.

The traffic it gets is five times more than any other social media platform. Clearly, it has a high potential to attract leads. Here are a few useful tips to enable new SlideShare users to get the most benefit from this platform:



Get Inspired

It is better to look at other’s works and get an idea about what is working rather than make a mess. Go through the most popular decks and study the elements that people like and decide whether that element will work for your deck. You can make notes of elements like the cover slide, font size of words, color scheme, the number of slides, images, tone of language

Make It Interesting

Leverage information that you think would be most intriguing to your audience. Make it worthy for them to click to the next page. Having a conversational tone is a good way to attract their attention. Adding humor makes is easier to win their opinion as they find you likable. Your audience should not feel like they are wasting their time in your slides. Offer something that generates immediate value for them. You can teach them something they didn’t know about like best practices or tips on how to do a particular task can. When you offer something credible and entertaining, the reader gets converted into a valuable lead.

Focus on the Design

Certain design factors are crucial to the success or failure of your slide. Make sure you keep an appropriate font size so that everything your write in your slides is properly readable. Don’t use too many font styles as this will make your presentation messy. A maximum of two different font styles is enough. Choose the colors wisely. The background color should contrast with the foreground to avoid blending of the text with the background. Use a catchy title and a consistent theme throughout the slide.

The Bottom Line

The best way to boost views on SlideShare is getting featured on the homepage. For this, you will need some promotional strategies. You can reach out to people who write blog posts to embed your presentation.

It takes a lot of work and skills to generate viewers for your slide but SlideShare is a great way to get long term leads.

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