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Friday , April 19 2024

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Marketing Tools Product Review- allows you to easily discover the relevant social content available on the web and display it on your website or app. A startup based in London, UK developed this product. It provides some smart tools which you can use to filter out Facebook posts, Instagram posts or Tweets that could be off brand. You can auto publish or approve and reject content manually so that you have full control over the content. enables you to create the right story for the brand on social media, run hashtag competitions and the audience involved with the social displays. Actual customer recommendations can be brought to an eCommerce site.

Editions and Pricing

The app is currently in beta. You can sign up for a free trial.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

ClimbSocial_AddCollectionsAdd Collections
Social lets you form different campaigns, so that you can collect content relevant to a campaign at one place. You can collect content from Twitter or Instagram on the basis of usernames or hashtags. For Facebook you can collect content from a Facebook Page or on the basis of a username. Your collection will be aggregated in just a few seconds.


ClimbSocial_ApproveContentApprove Content Automatically
You can choose to display content automatically from a specific feed. You if you trust a social feed, you can allow it to automatically approve the feed.




ClimbSocial_ApproveRejectApprove or Reject Content Manually
You can choose to approve or reject a content to be displayed from the moderations page. So if you haven’t selected the option of displaying content automatically, the only way it will be published is after it has been manually approved by you.



ClimbSocial_AutomaticFilterAutomatic Filter
It allows you to filter out content that contains specific words, usernames or hashtags that you do not want to include. It filters out duplicate content or profanities by default. You can remove these filters by un-ticking to check boxes or deleting them.


 ClimbSocial_WebGet Your Collection On The Web
You can display the collections you have gathered by simply copy-pasting the HTML embed and you will see a live updating wall. There are NPM packages for React.js and Agular.js users and APIs for developers.


Visual Monitoring
You can keep track of all your social content, determine the emerging trends and monitor any hashtag or user account in real time.

Mobile Accessibility

Currently, the app is not accessible neither on iOS nor on Android platform.


Currently, the app doesn’t integrate with any other tools or apps.


Provides online user guides, email support, answers to frequently asked questions and online chat support.

Pros and Cons of


  • Enables you to aggregate relevant content quickly.
  • Allows you to approve or reject content before publishing it.
  • Provides filters to remove content about specific words, users or hashtags you don’t want to include.


  • Might show some error while adding collections.

Differentiator allows you to gather the best social media content with powerful tools for moderation and filtration so that you display the right content for your brand.

For more details, please visit Website.

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