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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Quick Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Quick-Tips-To-Speed-Up-Your-WordPress-WebsiteIn the highly competitive online world, it is extremely important for your website to load as quickly as it can. A website that has an amazing content but is too slow to load cannot serve business online. Even 1-second delay in page response can cost a 7% fall in conversation.

About 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load, therefore, it is important that your website is a super quick place to load, to respond and to engage the customers. Here are a couple of quick tips that can through some light on how you can speed up your WordPress website.

Identify Plugins That Affect Your Site Speed

The WordPress plugins are the elements that can affect the speed of the website. There are a number of tools that can help you out in this matter, they will identify the amount of bandwidth these plugins are taking while page loads.

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Keep Your Database Clean

The specialty of WordPress website is, that it saves everything automatically. But in this process, it creates database stacks containing unapproved comments, revisions, pingbacks, etc. Therefore, it becomes important to clean up your database to run your website flawlessly.

Compress The Images

Images that are too heavy can slow down your website speed. Adding images can make your website interactive. But too many of them or too heavy take up most of the bandwidth. Websites such as e-commerce or photography need special design consideration under this factor. Lazy Load is a special plugin that loads images only when the user scrolls down. This saves a fair amount of bandwidth speeding up your website drastically.

Combine HTML, CSS, and Javascript

It is best to combine your files such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript with a plugin such as Minify. This way all these files are put together and called by a single request from the browser. This also removes white spaces and tabs making your site load faster.

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Cache to Engage Your Visitors

Through this technique, the returning visitors do not have to download files every time they visit your website. Using the browser caching feature can actually gear up your website speed. Caching feature is not only present on the WordPress website, it is also a feature of domain websites. It’s best to find out if your domain is providing this feature for you.

The Bottom Line

These tips can be a great help to boost up your website speed drastically. It might take a few efforts to implement them, but they are important factors for business to get well paid.

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