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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Shipsy: Solving Service and Supply Chain Deficiencies in Logistics Industry

Shipsy-Solving-Service-and-Supply-Chain-Deficiencies-in-Logistics-IndustrySoham and Dhruv hit upon the problem of logistics and courier companies and found that it is difficult to track each parcel. It happened when the duo was shifting to Gurugram, they asked a Courier Company to ship their cycle but could not receive on time due to inefficient services. For the service company, it was possibly another parcel, but for them, perhaps it meant everything that they were desperately waiting for. Therefore, when Soham Choksi and Dhruv Agarwal faced a low lag of the sector in tracking the analytics, Shipsy was born in 2015 at Gurugram, the new place.

Cornerstone of Shipsy

Shipsy is entirely B2B platform, and initially, they thought to provide transparency in the customer-company relationship. The first product was only an analytics dashboard that provided customers to keep track of their courier but later, as they went ahead and discovered that the business calls for more than just giving customer proper information. Nevertheless, DTDC is taking the competitive edge, as they are capable of solving more issues due to the available resources.

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Solving Root Causes of Logistics Inefficiency

With the understanding of API’s, the founder intends to track riders and logistics to speed up the delivery process. The API will increase operational efficiency, warehouse management and supply chain management. Furthermore, Shipsy is willing to solve service-level deficiency such as fake information given by delivery boy. Time is another drawback, which the startup initiates to explain. According to Soham, “Time is Money and shaving it off is equally important to make the experience crisp, clean, and customer-friendly.”

Future Prospects

As mentioned by Soham, “Logistics is a vast sector, and shipsy would probably stream into all the platforms of the supply chain such as air freight, trucking, cold chain and likewise.” As a startup, Shipsy raised an undisclosed angle round at the time of September 2015 and received less than $1 Mn in March 2016 from DTDC. However, as a startup, which identifies the cause of the problem and works to solve is likely to attract the largest market and will emerge as a winner, possibly.

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What Differentiates Shipsy from other logistics brands such as DTC, Holisol, and DotZot is they are working on SaaS model and are focused towards gaining profit. They are generating revenue but, Shipsy believes in spending more on research. The company owners are not afraid of the fellow startups and want people to recognize them for their data infrastructure. They use data point over geographic, demographics to provide the detailed insights in a given period. And, that’s what they call as their USP.

Shipsy comprises a team of 25 people, amongst which eight are from IIT Madras and IIT Delhi who work exclusively on back-end programme- Android, content, and design. Soham also shares that their market is Southeast Asia and UAE and they are planning to expand over.

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