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Friday , April 12 2024

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Beebom Initiated With Scarce Knowledge Leveled to a Revenue of 1cr

Initiated-with-Scarce-Knowledge,-the-Engineer-Duo-Has-Leveled-to-a-Revenue -of -1cr-HowIntroduction to Beebom, a consumer technology website helps people to understand and make better use of technology.  It is very normal to get stuck while using the software. The immediate remedy to the problem is none other than Beebom. The platforms stand firm to give away all the information you need – right from the digital tips to the learning related to software. The team of Beebom aims to get recognized as the best digital resources destination on the web.

While speaking about the high-quality product services, we came across the insights of the team Beebom. Devinder Maheshwari, an Electrical Engineering from Nirma University, Ahmedabad said, “We take pride in the fact that the content provided on our website is of high quality and written by tech geeks across the globe. We ensure that we deliver value in the form of content to our readers, and make their life easier.” He added, anything that floats to the final execution at our site goes under thorough testing, and there are many usages involved.

The Emergence of Idea as “Beebom.”

Devinder and his roommate Kapil were into the discussion of a blog page on technology and its working. Meanwhile, the duo had a mutual understanding of where they wanted to take it. With a basic or no knowledge about content writing, marketing, and website building, it took them 68 days to understand and get the site live. Their efforts have made them get success because of their unique concept.

As the graduation period finishes, both of them got involved in their career but lastly, were dissatisfied. The dissatisfaction and problems in their life, it led to the revival of Beebom. After coming back with the curated needs and proper understanding of the subject, they still had to go across several barriers. The team commits their biggest mistake was to let go technology content and went into entertainment posts.

The Sage of Survival and Growth

After a consistent downfall, they decided to expand their team and hired people. The team made a complete group of a technology geek. Some of them are Rupesh Sinha, IT Engineer from Krishna University, Bengaluru, Pratik Tyagi, Computer Engineer from Jaypee Institute of Information and Technology and Akshay Gangwar, Computer Engineer from CBP Government Engineering College. Facing the consequences of leaving technology behind, now “Beebom” focuses only on doing high-quality technology resources.

The duo started with a gross profit as zero, but when they restarted in 2015, they grabbed around 100,000 readers in a month. This year seems to bring a bundle of happiness with 1.5 million users and revenue with one crore. It seems like Beebom has joined the race of top websites known globally for their technology content and high-quality information. Needless to mention, there is growing number software and technology boom in the country.

Prospects of “Beebom.”

The company is growing in both ways, in the amount money and fame. They earn revenue by displaying advertisements, affiliate commission, and sponsored post with a strong partnership with Amazon and some software vendors. Thus, as the product referred by Beebom sells off, the team earns credit and revenue, likewise.

The Bottom Line

The team will fly off shortly by introducing a deal section for the reader. They will also encourage those who love to buy products at a lower cost. The source of the sale section is going to earn them much revenue. Beebom is also focusing on making a strong social media presence and link building through videos.

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