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Friday , May 24 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- ClearPredictions

technology-tools-product-review-clearpredictionsClearPredictions is a cloud- based online platform that provides a predictive analytics solution for businesses. The reason it is different from the traditional predictive analytics tools is because it is not as complex to operate. The currently available tools can only be comprehended by experts with high analytical skills. ClearPredictions simplifies the criteria of extracting information from available data and makes accurate predictions for new data.

ClearPredictions is available for all types of sectors, whether its financial services, healthcare, retail, travel or telecommunications. It helps you identify opportunities and risks associated with following an inherent analytical approach to the business decisions based on transactional and historical data.

ClearPrediction application is easy to implement and automates the task of building predictive models. It enables the management and executives to predict customer behavior on their own. You can get insights on different customer segments and predict the right time to meet them and the right message to send to them.

Editions and Pricing

ClearPredictions provides a free trial for 14 days. It offers 4 different plans called as Starters, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starters plan will cost you €95 per month. It allows 2 models and will provide 25,000 predictions per year. For each prediction, you have to pay €0.04. The Professional plan costs €495/month and allows 5 models with 250,000 predictions per year. Extra predictions will cost € 0.02. The Enterprise model is available at €1250/month, you will get 20 models and 1,250,000 predictions and charged €0.01 for extra predictions. The ultimate plan will provide 50 models and 7,500,000 predictions per year.

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

ClearPredictions-UploadDataUpload Customer Data
You can easily upload files that contain historic customer data for your company. This will be used to create the dataset to act as input for predictive modeling. The platform will accept multiple file formats like comma separated values (CSV) or MS Excel. ClearPrediction ensures 100% security of your data, no one else but you can access your data.


ClearPredictions-AnalyzeDataAnalyze Data
Clear predictions automatically prepare your historical data, qualifying it for the different predictive methods used. You can select a target variable for predictions from the dataset. You can choose from the prediction targets like a churn, bad debt, cross-sell transactions, upsell transactions etc. The influence of data will automatically be shown towards the target variable. You can adjust the company’s internal processes on the basis of the insights gained.


ClearPredictions-BuildModelsBuild Models
ClearPredictions automatically builds a predictive model for you. You can determine the accuracy of this model using cross-validation mechanism. The predictive models are created using 8 different machine learning algorithms, each of which has some unique characteristics. So, whether your dataset is big or small, precise or containing missing values, it will build an accurate predictive model for that. All the machine learning algorithms are scientifically proven by top data scientists and universities of the world.


 Predict Customer BehaviorClearPredictions-PredictOutcome
You can create predictions for your customers by giving new customer data. The outcome of the predictions is added to your actual data sheet. Now, your prediction is actionable. You can use the predictive model in event driven and I real-time scenarios like self-service websites and customer contact centers.

Pros and Cons of ClearPredictions


  • Does not require statistical knowledge to use it.
  • Uses the best performing algorithm from 8 different machine learning algorithms.
  • Version bound configuration.


  • No provision for native mobile apps.


With the predictive capabilities of ClearPrediction, you would no longer need an expensive team of data scientists. Users can easily get a clear understanding of their clients.

For more details, please visit ClearPredictions Website.

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