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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- ConverTiger

Technology-Tools-product-review-converTigerConverTiger is tool on Conversion rate optimization concept which is helpful in raising the conversion of the website. How much the conversion rate is critical is well known. ConverTiger provides various features to know your site in a better and complete way. It garners events on sites to fetch full control over website working and decision making.

The tool spot roadblocks for your users and helps in its smooth functioning generating more leads. It thinks like an actual visitor by understanding their mindset and see how different traffic sources behave on your site.


Editions and Pricing

Free 50 Records 1 Website No multiple accounts
Standard 500 Records 1 Website No multiple accounts
Premium 5000 Records 3 Websites Multiple accounts
Platinum 20000 Records 5 Websites Multiple accounts

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

ConverTiger_UX_Recording_ToolUX Recording Tool
Video recordings are allowed which gives a clear illustration about various fields. It tells where the user is doing more activities and where he is least interested. It shows precise elements consisting higher engagement of the user. The clips are useful in determining the user behavior for a particular page or widget.


ConverTiger_Analytics_ReportsAnalytics Report
ConverTiger displays the chart or report of website tracking which indicates the proper analytics of website usage and customer behaviors. Reports show the most charming areas of the site.



ConverTiger_Retrospective_AnalysisRetrospective Analysis
This advance Analyst feature determines which page received higher clicks by the visitors and how much. Also, which has higher bounce rate to find the maximum output tunnel from the website.


Mobile Accessibility

The app does not have any mobile app but is accessible from the mobile browser.


ConvertTiger does not provide any integration with any other app.


The app provides support via Email through which any query from the user can be reached to the support team.

Pros and Cons of ConverTiger


  • It provides full fledge of user behavior over the website.
  • Analytics helps to look at the deeper side of web activities.
  • The web page is available in 3 different languages.


  • Limited features are available under free version.
  • The interface is not user-friendly.


ConverTiger is an app which is helpful in generating actual outcomes from the website by knowing the customer behavior step by step. Video recording plays a significant role in getting the clear pictorial view of user activities. The tool provides a precise feedback from users which is valuable in website restructuring.

For further details, please visit ConverTiger website.

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