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Wednesday , June 19 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- Zoho Vault

technology-tools-product-review-zoho-vaultSaving and managing online account credentials can be a great challenge with everyday business. The greater risk lies when they are in the hands of many people. This can lead to unauthorized access to important personal as well as business accounts. To make this process easy and secure, Zoho brings an amazing product- the Zoho Vault.

This tool can be said as your secret keeper that manages your credentials and keeps track of the passwords. Not only this, passwords and other important details can be easily and securely shared via this platform. You can easily keep safe business as well as personal passwords with this product.

Editions and Pricing

Zoho Vault offers a 15 day free trial for all its users. The pricing plans for the application are as follows:

Free Forever Rs. 0
Standard Rs. 60
Professional Rs. 240
Enterprise Rs. 420

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

ZohoVault-AddingSecretsThe Secrets
You can get started with the Zoho Vault by adding secrets. The application will take you to the “All Secrets” section as soon as you sign up with Zoho Vault. You can add your secrets here and get started.


ZohoVault-AddingYourFirstSecretAdding Your First Secret
You can add passwords and other details with the Zoho Vault by selecting the Secret Option. The application gives you the option to add features such as
Secret type, description, and secret The secrets can be of types:

  • Bank Account
  • File Store
  • Health Care
  • Social Security Number
  • Unix
  • Web Account, and
  • Windows


ZohoVault-AutoLogonAuto Logon
With the Auto-Logon feature, you can directly log into the web This feature makes it quick without you needing to copying and pasting the username and password. The Zoho Vault offers two options to achieve this:


  1. By installing the browser extensions- This method uses the auto fill passwords to login into websites and web applications. Also, the web extensions allow you to add secrets to your Zoho Vault whenever you use a new account in any form.
  2. By installing the “Click to Login bookmarklet”- You need to install the “Click to Login” button on your browser bookmark toolbar. This is one-time This is another method to integrate and work with Zoho Vault.

For using this feature, you need to add a Secret to get started. Secrets can be added by clicking the “Add Secret” button.


ZohoVault-TheSecretChamberThe Secret Chamber
You can organize your login details into ‘chambers’ by departments, divisions, teams, job profiles, location, or by any other parameter. This feature helps you to segregate and manage credentials in a better and organized manner. For this, you just need to pick the required secret from the list and create a chamber. Also, any secret can be a part of more than one chambers.

This gives you the complete flexibility to organize your logins. You can add a chamber by filling in details such as:

  • Chamber Name
  • Description, and
  • Secret Names

ZohoVault-AllSecretsAll Secrets
This section in the Zoho Vault displays all the secrets you have created. The all secrets section offers you to do more things with your secrets such as- add more secrets, organize secrets and more actions. The more actions button lets you do a lot of stuff with your secrets, namely:

  • Share with users
  • Share with User Groups
  • Transfer Ownership
  • Reset Sharing
  • Edit Classification
  • Set Expiry date for Files, etc.

ZohoVault-UsingtheFilters Using The Filters
To narrow down your secrets as you go further and have a lot of them. The Zoho Vault uses its great filters. The show drop-down menu lets you select secrets and get their details. The show option uses any criteria under which you have created your secret along with those in the chambers.


ZohoVault-ShareSecrets Sharing The Secrets
You can share secrets with Zoho Vaults. For this, all you need to do is, enable the ‘handshake’ option of the application. Now, you can share secrets from the “All Secrets” tab.


Mobile Accessibility

The application is present on Android as well as iOS platforms as a secret keeper to your online accounts.


The application does not integrate with any external platforms. However, can be accessed via Google, LinkedIn or Office 365 accounts.


  • Zoho Vault offers incredibly powerful support for all its users. The report contains a Help section that directs you to a rich knowledge base. Here you will find each and every detail about Zoho Vault.
  • The application offers a separate FAQ section regarding all your pricing issues and concerns.
  • Email support is also provided for further assistance about the product.

Pros and Cons


  • The application is a highly secure platform to store and manage all your secret and credentials.
  • Having secrets across more than one chamber makes it easy to access and use.
  • The Auto Logon option saves a lot of your time in updating your account.


  • Some features and capabilities can be overwhelming for the beginners.


  • The chamber feature lets you segregate credentials across departments.
  • Securely share passwords with teammates.
  • Highly secure platform with robust encryption to keep safe all your secrets.

For more details, please visit Zoho Vault website.

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