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Wednesday , July 17 2024

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3 Best Free Tools for Instagram Analytics

3-best-free-tools-for-instagram-analyticsWith the majority of the pollution moving towards social platforms, the business is also shifting towards them. They are moving to capture leads and to drive visitors to customers. Instagram is becoming one the most popular social platform and is widely used for business to project themselves. The only thing Instagram lacks is the business analytics program.

Instagram has been working for business development by expanding its marketing options for some time. Experts also believe that customer engagement with brands through Instagram is higher than any other social platforms. Luckily, there are a ton of analytic tools and applications that track your brand engagement. These tools help brands understand what resonates with their audience and how they can optimize their projected content.

Here are the three best tools that can be used by brands for Instagram Analytics:


This highly efficient tool offers a high-level and highly detailed summary of your brand’s Instagram account. This tool can be an excellent marketing partner for you Marketing and Management team. SimplyMeasured is available for users having fewer than 25,000 followers. The device generates data and reports in an easy to read format with charts and with a broad range of engagement metrics such as most engaging tags, the best day and time to post, filters, etc.

A user can display the top posts and can sort it by the engagement. The tool also lets you discover and track your most active commenters and even the most common keywords that are used in your comments. You can also import your reports and analytics in Excel sheets from the application.

SimplyMeasured is available in both free as well as paid plans. The paid plans start with an amount of $500 a month and include features such as cross- platform analysis, hashtag monitoring, etc.

Sprout Social

One the most popular tools in this category is Sprout Social. This fantastic tool is already used by many businesses. The application offers detail reporting on a profile’s Instagram activities. The stories section have the analytics facility that lets you pull out detailed information on the daily growth of the brand concerning followers, the number of posts shared, your most used hashtags, brand’s most engaged hashtags, also, the number of engagements.

The application offers a 30 –day free trial for all businesses. Also, a comprehensive reporting is available with the Deluxe plan that starts with the amount of $59 per user per month.


Iconosquare is another amazing analytics tool which tracks your business growth on Instagram. The tool is highly flexible and efficient to keep track of anything on Instagram, including contests, management tools, and much more stuff.

The analytics feature allows you to track important metrics, such as follower growth and losses, customer engagement, the perfect time to post for maximum engagement, participation rates per job and increase in engagement.

The application also showcases best-performing content that can drive in more viewers and convert them into customers.

The product offers a 7-day free trial allowing users to access the analytics information to see if the tool is the right one for you and your business needs.

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