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Friday , May 24 2024

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Technology Tools Product Review- ZenCast

technology-tools-product-review-zencastPodcasting is a big way of creating your presence via digital media by distributing video, digital radio, etc. The podcast is also used for marketing purpose and is highly efficient in amassing followers and clients. But what is tricky, is to manage the podcasts. If you have maintained an excellent podcast, you will likely want to be on the same page.

Gradually as the content for podcasts increase, maintaining it becomes hectic. A tool named ZenCast aims to make the process of managing podcasts easy and efficient making sure that your followers are not disappointed.


Editions and Pricing

You can enjoy ZenCast and all its features in a 14-day trial plan following which you will have to avail a paid plan to keep using its services. The paid plans are:

Plan Price Features
Hobby $14/mo
  • Unlimited podcast storage
  • iTunes support
  • Embedded player
  • Podcast website
  • Download statistics
Professional $39/mo Hobby plan features +

  • Advanced download statistics
  • Scheduler for episodes
  • iTunes review
  • Custom Domain
  • HTML/CSS editing
Celebrity $79/mo Professional plan features + custom analytics report

Capabilities and Supporting Set of Features

The dashboard of ZenCast is quite a clean one with a side panel displaying all the features of the tool and the central pane containing the details of features. This arrangement of features in dashboard allows the user to get in touch with everything in just a few clicks.



ZenCast_createpodcastCreate Podcast
You can create a podcast directly from the dash using this feature. It is a 3 step process where you need to provide details about the podcast like title, author, etc. In the next step, you have to provide iTunes info like contact name, email, etc. In the next step, you need to upload the artwork and click on create a podcast to finish.


ZenCast_createepisodeCreate Episode
This feature helps in uploading your created podcast by creating a new episode by providing the title, audio file, and other details. You can set the publication date and rating.



ZenCast_publishpodcastPublish Podcast 
Using this feature, you can publish your podcasts on iTunes, Google Play, and Pocket Casts. You can also view your RSS feed.



This automatic feature lets you view the analytics of your podcast. It provides cumulative info about downloads, recent episodes, referring sites, favorite episodes, listening methods and download locations.



This feature lets you view the reviews of your podcasts based on maps and rating provided.



ZenCast_myaccountMy Account
This feature allows you to manage your profile on ZenCast where you can add your details and display picture; you can also set up your team by providing team members contact information, can set the frequency of notifications, get billing details and support.



ZenCast_allpodcastsAll Podcasts
Using this feature, you can view all your podcasts for easy management and even import podcasts.



Using this feature, you can see all the events that have been published getting you a view of the channel. Here you can see the status, publication dates, and downloads.



Using this feature, you can manage the hosts added to your podcasts. You can even add more hosts through this feature.


Mobile Accessibility

The tool does not offer dedicated Android or IOS apps but can be readily available via mobile web browsing.


The tool has integration with Google Play, iTunes, and Pocket Cats and lets you publish on these platforms.


The tool provides active support by a live chat with its representatives. Support via email and the phone is also available.

Pros and Cons of ZenCast


  • The option is available to merge account as well.
  • One of a kind tool that focuses on podcasts.
  • Lets you import podcasts.


  • Linking to other social media can prove to be very helpful providing updates about new episodes.

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The differentiating factor of this tool is its target to manage podcasts. It lets you know your listeners and improve your podcasts by providing a visual view of the analytics. It is a fantastic tool to keep track on your progress and maintain your presence.

For more details, please visit ZenCast website.

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