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Friday , April 12 2024

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Story Behind Makerbook

story-behind-makerbookHaving experience with over 30 domain names, the team started the project – Makerbook. All they wanted is, to make a big hit- to mark a presence on the internet.

Makerbook is all about a platform that combines links to all the websites that offers free and high-quality services. Makerbook is a hand- picked directory of best free resources for creative minds in the IT Industry. Talking about the name “makerbook,” the founders came up with this idea with the seed convention we all use- i.e., we use bookmarks to save links to web pages we wish to refer in the future. Inspired by this we known the name, the team called the startup as the “makerbook.”


The team soon registered the name and started working on WordPress. The team then integrated all the sites they knew were best. The team combined a few more sites they best think should be incorporated- all these things took little a time of 3 days to be built.

The Hacker News was the first stop in the journey

The developers from makerbook made a presence on Hacker News. The platform that did not make you wait for them to approve your content. And this feature made the developers a fan of theirs. The team then posted the site on Hacker News, and within hours, the site had a booming number of visitors, starting from 50 to 100 to 200! And so on.

Product Hunt was the Second one

Getting featured on Product Hunt was another goal the startup was looking forward to. Apparently, businesses cannot post on this platform on their own. For this, the developers contacted Bram- the guy who made StartupStash. He dug into the site and agreed to help the project make it to another level.

This was indeed, one of the major progress the project made. Making a presence on Product Hunt brought in many visitors to makerbook. This also boosted up the Twitter account with a flood of visits, comments, and views.

Reddit – The Third

The team believed that Product Hunt was the best that could happen to the makerbook at all. But, with the presence on Reddit, the project shooted with visitors and customer engagements. Reddit did not allow to mark a presence for their team. Some folks helped in this concern and posted about makerbook to this platform.

The Bottom Line

With all the brands shouting out the name and all the recognition makerbook received, the analytics graph for the makerbook touched the sky. With all the attention and positive feedbacks the team received, the founders are highly motivated to make future efforts towards this project.

The team ensures to keep the website updated with fresh, free and high-quality resources to make it outperform and offer the best of services there could be.

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