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Sunday , July 14 2024

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Top Inventory Management Apps in 2022

Being an entrepreneur is not easy as small business owners have to do a lot to get the business going and manage the day-to-day operations. If the business involves managing the inventory, you need to make sure that your business needs to make a profit on a regular basis. But, this can only be achieved if you have the right tools.

Inventory management apps make it a lot easier for you to manage your business. If all your inventory is managed automatically, you do not need to track it physically. So, the inventory management apps make it a lot easy to manage things for a small business owner.

What is an Inventory Management App?

The tool that is used to store all the information about the business inventory is referred to as the inventory management application. The application is able to keep an accurate count of all the items that the business has in its inventory. Also, the application will help the business to keep an up-to-date record of all the business transactions.

The application will help the business to manage quality control as well as customer service levels internally. When a business has an app that is able to manage the business operations, it is beneficial for the customers as well as for the business owners. Almost all the inventory management applications available in the market today are capable of managing stock from as small as ten items to as many as millions of items. All these applications have standard as well as additional capabilities that are helpful in carrying out stock management tasks.

A set of built-in tools are available in these applications that work as inventory trackers. There is also an option to send low stock alerts and Point of Sales (POS) integration. These applications can be helpful in areas such as inventory management, supply chain management, inventory data management, expense management, warehouse management, and much more.

Top inventory management Apps for Small and Medium Businesses

If you are planning to use an inventory management system, we have a short list of applications. Here are some of which you can explore and know which suits your business in the best possible way. These will help you to make a better decision for your business.

  1. ZOHO Inventory: The application helps a business to manage its stock and warehouses. The application comes with a dashboard that gives an overview of the purchases, low stock, and total sales. Being developed by Zoho, the application seamlessly integrates with a number of different applications of the business, making it more efficient in its operations. The application is available on Android, iOS, and Windows phones.
  2. SAP Inventory Manager Application: It is a highly customizable application designed for businesses of all sizes. The application can carry out tasks such as barcode scanning, supplier management, and much more. The application is available on Android phones, iOS, and Windows phones. The application can track the accepted and distributed goods, develop reports, and can track stock locations.   
  1. Stock Control 2: The application helps to stay on the top of your business across multiple locations and across multiple groups. Such an aspect of the inventory management system comes in handy when your business has to manage stocks for a wide range of customers. Also, this helps when you have to keep track of your personal inventory at the same time and want to keep it separate from your business. Some of the key features of the application include search tools that are user-friendly, management of inventory and other businesses, item listing and location sorting, reports, and statistics.
  2. InFlow Inventory App: The app is mostly favored by product-based businesses to track their items as they are shipped. The mobile application lets you know details as you pick, receive, and adjust your inventory. Some of the top features include Barcoding/ RFID scan, 3PL Management, Product Management, and Optimization, Cost Tracking, and Cataloging/ Categorization.
  3. Ordoro App: The app lets you operate and optimize your inventory. It is a good platform that can help you manage your overall workflows just like large-scale enterprises do. The best part is that all this can be done at a fraction of the cost that you pay at the other platforms. The key features of this application include a barcode scan for an item to order verification, an alert for low inventory, and sync with the sales orders, stocks, and product quantities. The application offers flexible pricing plans. The express plan starts at $60. The pro plan starts at $499 per month.

So now choose the inventory tracking application that best suits your business. Track your business today and stay competitive in the market.

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